“Developing Artificial Intelligence Ethics”

9 Oct

This segment was exploring the idea of Artificial Intelligence(AI) development. Examples of highly capable AI were presented such as “Baxter”, the self-driven “Google Car”, “Watson” and “Projo”. These were all created to replace human labor at our convenience. Yet once human labor is replaced, the loss of jobs can increase. Therefore, the video questioned “Is it ethical to continue progressing AI development”?

I believe it is wise to continue progress of AI development. There are many reasons to. Medical findings, Outer-space voyages and labor capabilities are just some of my reasons. The video suggested that us humans review what type of ethics we would implement when moving forward with AI progress. Considering the consequences and all possibilities is a must. Ruling out the economic impact would be foolish, yet there will be new jobs created in other fields. The changing times call for adaptability. No career title thrives the same with the fluctuating ages, except for medical careers in which AI’s could aide to help immensely in. I don’t believe AI’s would replace an educated doctor’s job, yet it would become a trusted resource to doctors.


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