“Are Memes & Internet Culture Creating Singularity?”

19 Nov

This video is about cultural singularity and how it’s constant rapid pace has created an uncertainty on what is next for the internet. Memes are made purely on an entertainment basis and aren’t made for recognition nor are they paid for. For example, animated GIFs have been made to re-create situations of pictures and warp the reality of them. As far as the creation of memes, after the Beijing Olympics, memes were spreading all over the internet. This has come from the concept of technological singularity. Technological singularity was coined by Vern Vinch in which he explains technology is constantly creating better versions of itself. The same can be said for cultural singularity.


I feel people are now more than ever in the history of time, involved in rapid cultural singularity. The internet has become a plane of ideas and trends at such a fast rate, that there are constantly new memes or popular imagery to discover. The latest one I have seen has come from an internet self customized cartoon called a “bit strips”. Memes were just the starting point to the creation of such outlets. Just as trends on fashion are constantly changing, internet trends do as well. I suppose being adaptable to our fast paced era can only be a benefit when dealing with singularity.


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