“Is Vine the Future of Cinema”

3 Dec

This video is about a popular video only micro blogging platform called “Vine”. Vine was created by the same developers that created the text-only micro blogging platform, “Twitter”. Vine is a way for users to share their stories via video. Unlike YouTube, users are able to clip small second span clips into one 6 minute story telling narrative. The creators objective on this method is that as user’s brains are often filled with many images contributed to the internet and media, they wanted to capture the short-spanned audience’s attention.

I believe Vine is the future of cinema, yet I am not sure if it will solely be associated to Vine. Instagram expanded it’s picture based program to now including short span video capacity story telling. Yet the difference between Vine’s video micro blogging and Instagram’s video micro blogging is that Instagram chose to lengthen the time span available for their videos. Also, Instagram video users are around 130 million as of it’s launch in June 2013, where as Vine’s video users are only 13 million. I do believe short narrative video blogging is the future of cinema, I am just not sure if it will be with Vine. Program applications come and go, yet this new method of video blogging is here to stay.


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