“The Future of Facebook”

17 Oct

Facebook has been around since the beginning of my high school years and I don’t think Facebook will be going away any time soon. Technological advances will probably be slightly improved as it is hard for me to imagine a virtual reality so soon in my lifetime. I believe by the time I am in my 60s, is when the technological world will begin to scratch the surface of creating a hologram futuristic lifestyle.

I watched the movie “The Social Network” based on Mark Zuckerberg’s creation process of Facebook, and he’s come a long way. To think that this social media phenomenon was created by a shared idea from Harvard students that ultimately landed in the hands of one credited creator is stunning to me. It just goes to show that social media websites are taking over the internet web world.

In the next few years, Facebook can change drastically. Users with webcams could have a face time experience with a click of a button when logging onto Facebook. Another feature that could be added is a profile counter of how many people, and who are they that visit your Facebook. Many Facebook users have feared this idea all along, as this social network connects you to all of your listed friend’s personal business. I believe it would an invasion of personal privacy, yet this feature has been a long time coming.

Another simple yet drastic addition Facebook could get is payment options. As Facebook gets bigger and bigger by the day, Zuckerberg has started this feature by adding a “promote this post” option, which requires you to pay with credit card for your post to be seen on your newsfeed more. I am pretty sure that Facebook will keep adding payment requirements for access to such features. I also believe if Zuckerberg does, that he will lose a large percent of his audience, which could leave Facebook facing future turmoil. The possibilities are endless.


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