Christopher Columbus: Facts you might have not known

29 Oct

While researching Christopher Columbus’ voyage, I realized he did end up in places he wasn’t intentionally looking to land upon. For instance, he was searching for India and ended up in North America. Columbus was completely far off to say the least. Columbus manipulated the queen of Spain in order to get her to accept his exploration of North America. He also claimed he landed in Asia, which he didn’t. Upon his arrival in North America, Columbus made the Indians work, and if any protested they would be killed. “Columbus systematically tortured, enslaved, murdered and subjugated the native people. His efforts drove the Taino people to extinction.” (

It is also a controversy on whether or not Columbus discovered America himself. Columbus made four voyages to the new world and it was only after his third voyage that he stepped foot on the mainland. It is believed now that a year prior to Christopher Columbus’ arrival in North America, his colleague Amerigo Vespucci had landed there first. America is perceived to be named after Amerigo in honor of his achievement.

On May 20, 1506 Columbus died a rich man due to the wealth and gold he stole from the Native Americans. It is sad that historians are now accepting what he did in the past for what it actually is. However, his contributions shouldn’t be overlooked, yet not celebrated for an entire day. Perhaps this newfound knowledge about Christopher Columbus can cause you to construct your own research. After all, history is really just a written word.





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