Juice of the Month: Lift Me Up Hulk

1 Mar

It’s already March! Does anyone feel this year is already going by too quick? For a fast paced day, the “Lift Me Up Hulk” juice is perfect when your body is crashing and you feel your blood sugar getting low.

When my blood sugar drops, I usually feel very tired or as if I am about to faint (dramatic I know). What’s helped me is this vegetable juice mix of: Spinach, Kale, Apple, Mushrooms, Cinnamon and Ginger. Cinnamon is great for blood sugar control, especially those with diabetes. Not only is it delicious, but if you’re fighting a bacterial infection such as ringworm,E. coli, Lyme disease and meningitis, cinnamon has properties made to combat bacteria and boost your immune system!


Spinach will add iron to your day, and I especially juice with spinach when I am on my menstrual cycle. It helps regain strength and replace nutrients while losing blood. Although spinach has calcium in it, only 5% of the calcium in spinach is absorbed by our bodies. I like to focus on the properties that spinach holds that do help like preventing constipation, promoting bone health and preventing asthma.

Apples are always incorporated in my vegetable juices because, well I believe in that saying “An apple a day keeps everything bad away.” At least that’s how I think it should go. As a rule of thumb, you’re supposed to juice vegetables with vegetables and fruits with fruits, but the only fruit that digests well with vegetables are apples! Apples improve neurological health and prevent dementia. Just stay away from apple seeds, as they contain cyanide in them!


So you’re probably wondering why I juice mushrooms. If I get a pack of Baby Bella mushrooms, chances are I will eat just a few and the rest will rot. Mushrooms rot easily and fast, so that’s the biggest reason why I juice them! Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste gross if you follow this recipe. This is why I HIGHLY SUGGEST you add a pack of stevia in this drink. You won’t taste the mushroom, just gain the benefit from it. Mushrooms have vitamin D in them, and I happen to be vitamin D deficient. Mushrooms also fight any type of cancer. Rest assured, you will love your juiced mushrooms, try it!

Kale as a base to a juice is always beneficial. Kale contains omega-3 fatty acids, essential in fighting against arthritis, respiratory conditions such as asthma and autoimmune diseases. Kale also has more iron in it than beef. Along with the spinach, you will be getting plenty of iron nutrition with this recipe! Kale keeps your liver healthy and is a great source of detoxification. So if you’re just juicing, lots of kale for you!

Last but not least, ginger is my favorite root of all roots. There is no need to go out and buy prepackaged tea bags of ginger, you can easily boil ginger pieces to create a more organic form of tea without much hassle! Ginger is a proven anti-inflammatory food, and I use ginger every day. Ginger is used in Chinese Medicine, and recommended daily. Ginger is often used during pregnancy and chemotherapy to alleviate nausea. Whenever I have cramps or a stomach ache, I make good ol’ ginger tea sprinkled with some cinnamon and lemon juice, and in minutes, I feel instantly better!


This juice recipe is sure to stabilize your blood sugar whether it’s high or low, while delivering many nutrients to your cells. I feel wonderful after having one of these, and suggest drinking this recipe twice a day. If you’re never home, have one in the afternoon and one before bed.

Your body will love you for it!


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