My Yoga Routine Playlist for Arthritis

22 Mar

I’ve just recently taken up yoga at home due to the pain and stiffness in my joints. Just three weeks in, and my ankles are moving in ways it hasn’t for over a year. The pain is still there, but the yoga practices I have been doing have really increased mobility for me in the joints. The first few times will hurt, and YOU WILL be sore. Do not take this as a frightening sign, as it is your body adjusting to its new flexible capabilities.

These are my two favorite videos I keep referring back to for a quick workout or when I have the extra time to do.

Yet don’t push yourself too much in the beginning. I made that mistake with this video, and ended up aggravating my sciatica. Some videos, like this one on my playlist, are suggested for a later time after you’ve gotten the hang of soft beginner’s videos.

I like to do beginners yoga from 20-40 minutes and then incorporate yoga poses that target specific areas of the body. For example, I would choose a full body routine for 20 minutes, and then add a video of stretches for carpal tunnel syndrome or lower back pain relief. These are some great ones to practice daily whenever you need pain relief.

It’s so much fun to choose what you want to do in a particular day, so I suggest creating a playlist on YouTube to keep going back to on your computer or if you have a Smart DVD or Smart TV, entering through apps on there while working out.

Here’s my list as an example, and please feel free to add these routines to your playlists!

“Yoga Routines Playlist”


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