“The Free Press” comes at a price.

12 Apr

The term civil liberty can be considered an illusion, in that the world had not been studied before it was governed. Since the times of Aristotle until now, the public has been conditioned to believe what an authoritative figure tells them because even if another authoritative figure has interfered with what popular media portrays on various media platforms and newspapers, something intangible like the “invisible world” of censorship, isn’t given a thought because the public blindly trusts what is told to them.

Conditioned since childhood, no matter if a subject on the news is controversial, the public will lean towards news that adheres to their own standards, and not the fact that news might not be true. For example, readers of newspapers judge what is interesting to them by their own personal standards and not with the standard of accuracy. Therefore, the newspapers continue to secure circulation by writing material geared towards the reader’s relatability, such as news about weddings, funerals, foreign travels, etc.

There is no regulation of what material goes into newspapers, because of the notion that the public deserves their news to be free and the reader doesn’t pay any consequences if they cancel their subscriptions. Due to this rule, newspapers bring in advertisers to promote products geared towards their audience, and that way gain revenues by indirectly taxing the audiences. The only way a newspaper would turn against producing “junk food news” is if the editor was confident enough that his audience would remain loyal to the newspaper, instead abandoning interest for it because the editor spoke against it.

Newspapers, like other media outlets don’t go against censorship because to do so would mean a loss of money. This is probably why stories about suspicious evidence emerging in the Oklahoma bombings were silenced as seen in A Noble Lie. Eye witness accounts and evidence began building up in the wake of the bombings, such as paramedic Tiffany Bible’s suspicions that agents from ATF, who held an office inside the bombed building, had known the bombing was going to occur beforehand. Another revelation, was a call to the U.S. Federal Department, stating a bomb had gone off in the building 24 minutes before it actually did.

The media had to react to the bombing incidence once questions began to surface about the new evidence. It was a 20/20 special that aired a year and a half after the bombings occurred, that compiled information that some were concerned about. In the wake of a larger segment being released afterwards, the segment was canceled and never aired. This is when it is believed that the U.S. Federal Department became involved in silencing those who questioned what happened that day.

That is why it is up to the journalist to expose the truth in situations, whether it will shock the audiences or not. Journalists have the advantage over being more informed about subject than a lawyer or a doctor, because journalists have been trained on newsgathering techniques and ethics. Therefore, it is important to consider independent news as highly essential, in the world of corporate news because corporate is only interested in making money, whereas independent journalists are interested in fulfilling their civic duty to “inform” the public, as they were taught to.


A Noble Lie–OKC Bombing 1995 


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