The facts will set you free

20 Apr

In democracy, there’s been an invisible constructive adaptation, meaning issues are only addressed by government once publicized by the media based on statistics. For example, the public will care more about statistics released by the Children’s Bureau if municipal officials use that data to their advantage, by becoming the voice for children’s issues in order to reach the people with their own personal agendas. The public is only interested in what authoritative figures tell them, so the Children’s Bureau alone can’t make the public concerned about the infant mortality rate, unless it has a known face or voice accompanying the fact.

Statistics make issues visible, and political leaders will try to harness the organic meaning of a topic from its original source in order to make what they address the public about seem as “trustworthy” words. Lippmann suggests if more statistical information was revealed outside of Washington’s limited access, there would be more answers to the public’s questions. More scientific research and more solutions to societal concerns would help ease the need to censor news, because every day civilians would be contributing to research.

So why hasn’t this happened yet? Competition. Government does not want competition to interfere with the information they choose to release, instead of information the public would benefit from in a personal sense. If the government did reveal previously censored material was indeed hidden from them due to a bigger agenda, the government would lose control as to what else might be revealed by censored sources, and frustrated citizens.

If research was not limited to authoritative figures and students at universities could contribute to research findings, then data would not be obscured by political motives. It is fine to be opposed to mainstream media, but to let it ruin the benefits of where news can take us, would be to deny standing up for society. After being exposed to corruption of government and corporate news outlets, it’s in the people’s best interest to not become jaded.

That is what happened with the New Jersey four widows. They began to question what happened that day on 9/11 to their husbands and why didn’t the U.S. government interfere by intercepting the planes as implemented in past incidences. In the documentary, 911: Press for Truth, the known “Jersey Girls” revealed their concerns during a painful time that the media adhered to after 9/11. The four widows agreed to only give their opinions on the topic, if their voices of questions about what really happened that day were to be heard in corporate news.

The U.S. government responded by compiling evidence that Al Qaeda was behind the 9/11 attacks. The documentary explores that there had to have been more to the story. Allegedly suspect Omar Saeed Sheik, wired money to the hijackers and yet was supported by the ISI and under the orders of Pakistani General Mahmoud Ahmed, which was in the country making business deals with the U.S. that day. Books began being published and information became leaked that led some to believe that 9/11 was a cover up. In that aspect, the public and journalists are able to expose censorship, and keep striving towards a more truthful American media.


Lippmann, “Organized Intelligence”

911: Press for Truth


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