Juice of the Month: Grapefruit Zing

1 May

It’s May, that means weather change! We are transitioning to spring, and you know what happens when the seasons change… animals shed, flowers bloom and we get sick. The “Grapefruit Zing Juice” is going to zap that nasty cold or allergies you might have.

Trust me, it’s a spicy one, but I end up making it for my family members when they’re sick and they end up feeling better sooner. Caution: If you have a medical condition and are on medication, please research on your own before consuming grapefruit. It is an extremely beneficial fruit, but can counteract medications

Also, I recommend running to your local store and investing in echinacea supplements when you feel you’re catching a cold. That is a preventative measure. Now onto the recipe for when you already have that nasty virus.


The recipe calls for two important herbs: Mint and Parsley. Mint soothes allergies, so if that’s what you’re looking to alleviate, then by all means add more mint. Parsley on the other hand, has been shown to prevent and reduce cancer activity. Parsley can even shrink tumors and stop any infection from growing. It has vitamin K, A and C. Plus it tastes refreshing whether juiced or cooked!

I suggest using half of a lemon for this recipe as it will be too spicy with a full one. Lemons have acidic qualities that can clean cuts (hurts like hell though) and cleanse your insides. Lemons have a ton of vitamin C, just like the other fruits in this recipe. Perfect for combating sickness, and looking gorgeous. Lemons promote collagen in the body, making the skin look radiant. Lemons can be juiced, and yes I am talking about the meat of it not just the squeezed juice.


Grapefruit can be hard to swallow. It’s bitter taste is often difficult to ignore, so using half of a grapefruit works just fine. I use 2 stevia bags for this recipe, as the spices are a bit difficult on the tastebuds. Still super delicious though! Grapefruit has many health benefits, like preventing dehydration and controlling heart disease.

In fact, if you already take medication to stabilize your heart, it is suggested you not eat grapefruit as it can counter act the medication. If you’re not on any medicine and might have an underlying heart condition you know nothing about, grapefruit can help stabilize your body naturally. Amazing, really.


Ginger can soothe an upset stomach, arthritis, any upper respiratory infections and much more. It’s such a beneficial root, I cannot emphasize it. I put ginger in all of my juices, along with turmeric no matter what. Tangerines are not only delicious but packed with vitamin C. Tangerines help the skin heal faster, and promote anti-inflammation.

Basically all of the ingredients here are to help you feel better and fight that nasty cold! Thanks to the changing of the seasons, you might feel crappy, but thanks to this recipe it won’t be for much longer.


Stay healthy, drink up and feel better. Until next month!


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