My Favorite Afternoon Pick-Me-Ups

26 Jun

Hey guys!

I love the weekends and my days off because I get to indulge in my little energy boost routine that I’m about to share with you today. Not off during the weekends? No worries! You can always implement this routine at the office, and you’ll be happy you did. I like to consume fresh organic green tea, a Greek yogurt, and a home made juice.


First and foremost, I usually do this little pick-me-up routine after lunch in the late afternoon. I’m just naturally always hungry, and I get moody if I don’t consume something every two hours at the most. I put a pot of water on high in order for it to come to a boil, and add a pack of Bigelow’s Organic Green Tea. Make sure you turn it off once you see it boiling, and let it sit for a few minutes. I like my green tea concentrated, so I just rip the packets open and let it fall loosely in the pot while it steeps.


For loose leaf teas, I suggest using a strainer. Teas are just so much more potent to me when they aren’t in an absorbable packet that you have to squeeze in water. I use my favorite Teavana strainer, excuse the stains on it as I bought it a few years back. Now if you’re at work, by all means use a packet. I always resort to one, because let’s face it, carrying a nice big cup strainer around will have you looking a bit like a crazy tea lady.


I am always on the search for ways to get my vitamins in without so much hassle, and I do this by storing my juices for a whole week. My slogan should be “No fruits or veggies left behind” because I will literally use up a weeks worth of fruits and veggies in one day when prepping my juices. So if you think you’re buying too much kale or spinach, trust me, the more the merrier. The best part of prepping your weekly juices is that you can just grab and go when you’re going to be at work.


I like to use my Nutribullet cups along with the resealable lids for storage. These can be a bit pricey, so feel free to use water bottles for a cheaper alternative. To get some ideas, !

I simply cannot get enough of Dannon’s Light & Fit Greek Yogurts. You can find these babies at your local supermarkets. Here’s a tip: Walmart has more flavor varieties than Publix does. Granted, Walmart doesn’t have all of the ones at Publix either. I suggest going to both to pick up a wider range of flavors to last you for the whole week or so.


My favorite Light & Fit flavors are key lime, citrus, limited edition salted caramel, and the yummy caramel macchiato. People might argue that these aren’t all that healthy and all that jazz, but out of all of the Greek yogurts out there on the market, I find these the best out of all of them. With 12 grams of protein and a wide selection of flavors, Light & Fit has earned its spot in my life forever.

The next time you’re thinking about making yourself another cup of coffee in the middle of the afternoon and suffer the consequences of major tossing and turning at night, consider this energy boosting routine. I feel upbeat and in a better mood after I eat my pick me up afternoon foods, and hope you can enjoy some of these as well.

Have any energy boosting tips? Let me know!


3 Responses to “My Favorite Afternoon Pick-Me-Ups”

  1. Brittney Mathurin June 26, 2015 at 6:53 pm #

    I love Green Tea! I use the exact brand but with mint and I love making iced tea with it. Coffee makes me sleep so I had to come up with an alternative and this works great, plus I lost a few pounds drinking it since green tea helps with your metabolism.

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    • The Gift Of Gab June 26, 2015 at 6:57 pm #

      Yes for sure, green tea is wonderful for aiding weight loss. I like to do oolong tea in the morning, and green tea as an afternoon pick me up. Gonna try the one with mint now, thanks!



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