Weekend Chit Chat: Relaxing & Food for Thought

1 Aug

Hey guys, happy August!

I’m here relaxing and house sitting at a home away from home, and taking it easy this weekend. It’s crazy how not many people know how to be by themselves, reflect, and just take some me time when the opportunity arises. I’ll get more in-depth about this later in the post.

Let’s talk about the interior design of this house. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and it’s my first time staying here. This house has been sold, and I am sure whoever buys it will enjoy the room & space of decorating this place. Yet I think the new owners have a lot to live up to in terms of redesigning.


Just check it out for yourself! I love the earthy tones with the hint of yellow in the decorations. I feel it makes the house cozier in terms of giving a welcoming presence. The room is a blue theme, and it adds a calming and serene feeling to the house.

The tub was by far my favorite! I hope to own a giant one someday, as my current household has no tubs whatsoever, just showers. I’ve heard in terms of house selling that it’s hard to sell a house with no bathtub. Let’s see how that one goes when the time comes. I personally enjoyed relaxing with a bottle of red wine, Pandora streaming, and some nice reading material.

Blue Room

For those of you not familiar with Cuban coffee, you’re missing out. I must warn you, do not by any means take this if you have heart problems or it’s just too late at night. You’ll stay up, while doing jumping jacks around the house. Cuban coffee is very strong, but if you’re a coffee lover, chances are you’ve already tried this stuff. I made a pot this morning, and it came out delicious. One of the many perks of being born into a Cuban-American family living in Miami is being taught how to make some yourself!

cuban coffee

Now for my food for thought: It’s okay to take time “away” from your everyday schedule, and enjoy yourself, by yourself. Throughout my life, I’ve met a lot of people who were afraid to just take the time to be alone, and get to know themselves. When you do that, you become more secure in your own skin because you begin to understand your wants and needs. This is great practice for putting your own priorities first, instead of others.

I’ve always been an independent minded person, and somewhat of a lone wolf. I don’t ever need a big group of people surrounding me 24/7 in order to feed off of their energies. I am so sensitive to vibes and people’s energies, that I often feel drained if I’ve encountered any negativity, and then my anxiety kicks in. In order to clear my mind and thoughts, I retreat. When you recharge your batteries, and reflect by yourself, you start to realize that your own attention is what you need most.


You can achieve “me” time by taking time out to read a book, have a bubble bath, listen to music, go tanning, do your nails, or just doing anything of your choice for yourself with no apologies. Everyone and everything else can wait. When you get some time alone, remember it’s not time to feel sad or call up everyone you haven’t spoken to for months. Really take the time, and enjoy yourself. You’ll thank yourself, and you might discover parts of you that have been repressed due to outside influences.

So this week, I challenge you to try it out. That’s my little weekend chit chat for the end of July. Have a great week and month ahead!


2 Responses to “Weekend Chit Chat: Relaxing & Food for Thought”

  1. Krystal Nicole August 3, 2015 at 11:10 am #

    Oh My! Such a great post! I just want to jump inside those pics 🙂 Those candles in the bath and not to mention wine! xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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