August Juice of the Month: Berwi Tarte Juice

7 Aug

Hey there!

It’s time for my monthly juice recipe yet again, and this time it’s what I call the “Crispy Berwi Fresh” juice. Yes, I purposely misspelled the word berry, because there’s a new ingredient I juiced for the first time and decided to incorporate it in the name… that’s kiwi!


You’ll need a handful of fresh strawberries, an orange or a few tangerines, half of a cucumber, a kiwi, spinach, and an apple. These delicious ingredients come together to create a zesty fresh beverage, making your taste buds happy!

What’s special about Kiwi is that it doesn’t spike insulin like some other fruits, and won’t cause your body to store fat! Kiwi is a great source of fiber, meaning it helps your digestive system and keeps you fuller longer. Fiber also cleanses any toxins in the body, therefore kiwi will help rid your digestive track of anything that’s not supposed to be there. Kiwi is an all-around great fruit to consume, and not many people consume or know about it.


Cucumbers add a nice refreshing flavor to any juice. I often use cucumbers as the main ingredient in my daily juices. They are 95% water, so they will keep you full and keep your body hydrated! They also produce a type of flavonol called fisetin, which protect the brain. Also, cucumbers prevent bad breathe. What’s not to like about them?

The choice between tangerines or oranges is always difficult, because both pack a high dose of vitamin C and taste delicious. Use whatever you please! The apple and spinach make the drink a beautiful green color, while adding nutrients like iron and antioxidants to your juices. I have at least one apple, for five days a week. Apples have preventative qualities that protect you from getting sick often and cancer cells. Spinach has an abundant of vitamins in it, and is the perfect green filler to any juice recipe!


Strawberries are awesome to juice. They juice wonderfully (when not frozen) and can be made to create a spritzer or a nice healthy juice. Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C as well, and they protect your heart. Strawberries contain flavonoids and ellagic acid, both of which combat heart disease and bad cholesterol in the body.

There you have it. This recipe is packed with nutrient abundant fruits and a veggie that will fuel your body the best way possible. The flavors come together quite nicely, so stevia or any other sweeteners are optional. Enjoy sipping on your Berwi Tarte juices, until next month!


Note: This was my last “Juice of the Month” post in this series, as I began to work on my “Get the Look” series. For some amazing recipes, look through the Wellness category. Thanks so much guys!


2 Responses to “August Juice of the Month: Berwi Tarte Juice”

  1. Erin August 8, 2015 at 8:29 pm #

    This sounds sooo yummy! All of the colours also make it look attractive. I didn’t realise kiwi did all of that! I was looking at kiwi today at the grocery store and thought “I should eat more kiwi” but then I saw a bunch of Canadian peaches I’ve been waiting for and got distracted, haha. Maybe next time!


    Liked by 1 person

    • The Gift Of Gab August 8, 2015 at 10:04 pm #

      It is yummy! Try to juice the Canadian Peaches, I am sure they’re just as delicious! 🙂


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