Sephora, Charming Charlie, & Love Culture Haul

7 Sep

Hey guys!

What girl doesn’t love to shop? I had to share the haul I did the other day, because I found some hidden gems for sure. I went to a mall about 15 minutes away from my house, and I just had at it. Yet, I think I got some good deals on all of the things I did buy. Let’s just say collectively I must have spent less than $70. Let’s get to all the goodies I found!

I went to Sephora because I ran out of my Neutrogena gel moisturizer, and I’ve heard good things about Clinique’s gel moisturizer. The price is about the same, except one is sold at the drugstore, and the other is sold at Sephora. I think Clinique is sold at some large Walgreens, but I’m not too sure as I’ve never found it near the one I regularly go to.


So I decided to get the moisturizer, and I love it. It does take a bit longer to dry on the face than the Hydro Boost, but that’s not a big deal to me. Ever since that gel moisturizer trend has begun, my skin has been so much happier than when I was using lotions. We oily-skinned girls need gel moisturizers. If you’re one of them, and still breaking out with lotion, consider switching.

Now don’t be fooled by Charming Charlie. I know their regular priced jewelry, clothes, and handbags are ridiculously expensive. Who really wants to pay $22 for a statement necklace? That’s why, I always make my way to the sales section, and when I do, I find an abundant of awesome items that are super cheap.


I bought these four necklaces, and guess how much each were? While on sale, they retailed for no more than $3.99. I thought they were gorgeous, and I was so excited to see them at this price. Definitely worth the buy. If you have a Charming Charlie by you, or want to shop online, I highly recommend it.

Finally, I went to Love Culture and I surprised myself. I actually bought four tops for $25. I usually spend so much in that store, seeing as most of their shirts are at least $14 and up. A dress there is easily $26, so it’s important to look for… say it with me… things on SALE. Call me cheap, but I love a good bargain. I know Love Culture isn’t in every area, so I suggest shopping online if you don’t have one near you!


That’s about it for this haul. I am really pleased with my purchases, and if you’d like to find some hidden treasures yourself, just visit the sites listed below. Hope you have a great rest of your week!

Products Listed

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Elora Trillion Pendant

Elegant Evil Eye Pendant

Pierced Bar Pendant

Charming Charlie

Love Culture


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