NEW Mercari Boutique is Open!

8 Sep

Hey everyone!

So as you all know, I am an avid pusher for Poshmark, and I have a good amount of items up for sale at great prices. Unfortunately, Poshmark is not the best platform for electronics or other high quality items that don’t have a place being there. Yet now, I have a way of selling amazing products, for the best comparable prices out there!

I decided to open up my own Mercari Boutique, in order to sell top notch items, at still awesome prices. For those of you who don’t know what Mercari is, it’s the same concept as Poshmark, yet you cannot purchase items online, you’d have to purchase them through the App itself.

If you’re curious about being a seller yourself, unlike Poshmark, Mercari takes NONE of your profits. Poshmark tends to take 20% of your own earnings, where as this company does not. You can even choose to sell an item with free shipping, and Poshmark doesn’t have that feature either.

Please check out some of the items I have listed, and make sure to use the Invite code: PWCDDQ, in order to earn your first $2 in your account! Happy shopping dolls!

 NOTE: There will be some items listed from Poshmark, that will show up in my Mercari Boutique. This is simply selling my items on two platforms, and which ever sells out first, I will delete the listing quickly as to not confuse other buyers. Thanks and enjoy!


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