Best Nail Polishes: Fall Edition

5 Oct

Hey there!

It’s fall season, and out come to play the seasonal nail polishes! I prefer nail polishes in the fall, because I am a fan of darker colors any ways.

There are a bunch of affordable good ones out there, and here are my picks! I have neutrals, warmer, and cool toned polishes lined up for you guys today. As usual, all products are listed below.


My favorite beiges, purples reds, and browns for fall are from Pop-arazzi, Essie, Nuance by Salma Hayek, and O.P.I. You can find all of these at the drugstore, minus some O.P.I. colors.

If I feel like I want to wear a plum type of color, I grab Midnight Blackberry by Nuance. This is a gorgeous shade I feel would look awesome on everyone. It’s unique, because it’s kind of hard to find this shade anywhere. Nuance polishes have great durability as well.

The Pop-arazzi shades in Crimson Couture and Toes in the Sand run for about $3 at CVS, and while they aren’t of such great quality, they will last you a good four days with a good top coat. I love how affordable they are, and what girl doesn’t need a nice nude and red color for the fall? Great for office or professional settings.

Essie’s Little Brown Dress is part of their Neutrals collection, and is a little hard to find in stores, but it’s so worth the splurge. I’ve always loved Essie polishes, and little brown dress is an absolute favorite.


I’ve literally been waiting all summer to wear this. Once the color is applied, it looks black in certain settings. Yet, when you head to very well lit place, you can see the dark coffee undertones. Absolutely gorgeous and a must have for fall!

My last warm toned nail polish for fall I will talk about is Vant to Bite My Neck? by O.P.I. This is a true purple, and with enough coats added on, it can easily become a very deep dark purple.

 I don’t reach for this one often, but when I do, it’s just to bring in the fall spirit. For some reason, I love this color the most in October. Maybe it’s the name they gave it? Reminds me of a vampire. Either way, it’s an awesome color in the purple family.

Now onto my favorite fall greys, greens and blues. One that I am somewhat confused as to whether it’s a true green or not, is Essie’s Vested Interest. By the way, I refer to this sometimes as a grey or green, and also as one of my favorites.


I don’t just wear this color in the fall (thank goodness). It’s that good. The hues are a mix of grey and green, and it looks somewhat like a faded olive once it’s on the nails. This color works for any sort of setting.

If you want a nice bright grey, go with Elegant by Revlon. The durability of Revlon nail polishes are amazing, and for being a drugstore brand you can’t beat that.

I have found Revlon nail polishes are one of the best nail polishes I’ve come across. I would say this color looks like more of an off white, white. It’s everything its name says it is, elegant.

Essie’s Cashmere Bathrobe is a nice deep gray color, and it also has flecks of glitter in it. The glitter is very tiny compared to the next color I will go into detail about. This is a great gray for every occasion, and can be worn throughout the year. I just prefer to grab Vested Interest as a year round grayish color for me, rather than this one. This makes a perfect New Year’s festivity nail color!

Blues and Greys

Another great Revlon color from their Colorstay line for the fall is the exotic Rain Forest shade. This one is fun, because it too has glitter in it. It’s a dark forest green with light specs of green glitter, making it a gorgeous hue of different greens. It’s a wonderful, yet fun green color. I would wear this to a party or around December time.

Finally, Yoga-Ta Get This Blue by O.P.I. is a deep dark blue for fall. It’s super dark, and will look black if you put on enough coats, but like Essie’s Little Brown Dress, this one glimmers in well-lit places. It’s another one I do reach for often in the fall, and it looks super polished on the nails for every type of occasion.

That’s about it for my favorite fall nail polishes. Thanks so much for reading, and if you have any other suggestions as far as your favorite fall colors, don’t hesitate to state them! I love getting new ideas for new polishes I should add to my collection!

Until next time, enjoy the rest of your week!


Products listed

Nuance Salma Hayek Nail Lacquer in Midnight Blackberry

Pop-Arazzi Nail Polish in Crimson Couture

Pop-Arazzi Nail Polish in Toes in the Sand

Essie Neutrals in Little Brown Dress

O.P.I. Euro Centrale Nail Lacquer Collection in Vant to Bite My Neck?

Essie Greens in Vested Interest

Revlon Nail Enamel in Elegant

Essie Grays in Cashmere Bathrobe

Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel in Rain Forest

OPI Nail Lacquer in Yoga-Ta Get This Blue


3 Responses to “Best Nail Polishes: Fall Edition”

  1. Georgia Hope October 6, 2015 at 10:10 am #

    The green Essie one is gorgeous, great picks for autumn! xx
    Chasing Belle 23

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