Chit Chat: Special Event & Resort Decor

28 Oct

Hey everyone!

I attended the grand opening of the Margaritaville Resort in Hollywood, Florida this past weekend. I know there are tons of Margaritavilles around the country, but for me, this was my first time going to one. I had always heard it was great fun, and it truly was.

I enjoyed the restaurant, which served some awesome margaritas, and the live band played reggae music all night. It was such a nice atmosphere, and the restaurant was decorated like a map of the Caribbean islands with planes and boats to add to the feel to it. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of this part, so just forgive me for loving my margarita a little too much, while singing along to Bob Marley songs that night.


Checking out the inside of the resort after wards, could have easily been an interior designer’s dream. The theme of the hotel was comfort, beach, with a twist of minimalism. Upon entering the resort, to your left, you’ll see a giant blue flip flop and a sign that says “No Passport Required”. You’ll see a hue palette of mustard yellows, oceanic blues, and the rest are your neutrals.


The floors are white tile with the middle being wooden tiled. I love this new trend of tiled wood, because it is chic, and looks so much easier to achieve if someone wanted to put them in their homes. I was wondering if the wood was glazed or not, but it seems to have some texture to it, without being rough enough to hurt anyone walking on the floors bare foot (gross, but you get my point).


What intrigued me most about this resort was the lighting. The lanterns on the ceiling are actual margarita glasses, and the lanterns on the walls appear to be another type of drinking glass. I’m not sure if it’s a wine glass or one of those glasses you put drinks such as pina coladas in. Either way, I thought it looked like something you can recreate from a website such as Pinterest.


Speaking of Pinterest, I attended a special event last weekend as well. I was surprised to learn that the set up for a spectacular baby shower for my friend, was actually inspired by Pinterest ideas. Now, I have always wanted to achieve Pinterest décor ideas on my own. The most I’ve gotten from Pinterest, is a delicious recipe for banana pancakes or other healthy meals. It was amazing to see the decor ideas that I have seen on the Pinterest feed, come to life.


I learned from the decorators, that most of these items can be bought at the dollar store, with a few DIY decorations as seen with this marsh mellow bouquet, along with a spray painted box and old-style milk bottle. You can decorate on a budget when it comes to special events such as baby showers, and that’s what makes Pinterest so handy when trying to achieve an elegant style without breaking your wallet.


The table set was pink with white themed for a baby girl, and I honestly loved the giant storage jars they put little gum balls and other color coordinated candies in. Appetizers, such as cake pops and bruschetta with Italian baguette crackers, were place in either little disposable appetizer holders, or on a tray that was also from the dollar store and spray painted.


The beverage station was by far the cutest idea. Mason jars were placed on the top, and in the inside of a small table that is a regular staple in the household. Guests were given the choice of a watermelon punch/prosecco refreshment, or a strawberry punch/prosecco choice. The straws can be purchased anywhere, even at discount stores.

These ideas just prove that anyone can recreate their favorite themed ideas, even if they can’t find the items as seen in pictures. Sometimes you just have to get creative! I hope you’ve enjoyed my post on special event and resort decor, and make sure to always check Pinterest before planning any major event. I know I will!


2 Responses to “Chit Chat: Special Event & Resort Decor”

  1. Pretty Loved (@PrettyLovedx) October 28, 2015 at 8:14 pm #

    Love the margarita glass chandelier/lighting. I want to put that in my future house. ^.^ That resort sounds really relaxing. I love reggae music and Caribbean/beach decor. x

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