BH Cosmetics Forever Glam Palette Review

16 Nov

Hey everyone!

Today we’re going to take a look at BH Cosmetic’s Forever Glam Palette. I received this palette as a free add on to an order I made a while back, and since then I’ve grown to grab for this palette very often.

That’s one thing about BH Cosmetics, they always have amazing sales going on, and you just have to catch them. The palette retails for $22. There are six full sized eyeshadows, two blushes, one highlighter, and two lip stains that are included.


There are absolutely NO MATTES in this palette. Yes, even the blushes have a sparkle to them. I didn’t mind this, as I own so many matte products, and I need a little shimmer any ways to liven my face up whenever I wanted! The highlighter is such a beautiful shimmery lavender, and it looks gorgeous on the cheeks and brow bones.

My favorite blush would have to be the coral one, as I find the pink one only suits me in the summer time. They’re both very gorgeous. Here are some swatches for you guys!


The only thing I will say about this palette, is I don’t care much for the lip stains. I don’t usually wear bright red or bright pink on my lips, so there’s no real use of the color for me. If I do wear a red, it’s a velvet, dark blood red. You could say I am a vampire, or not, or maybe I just don’t like the attention drawn to my lips too much?!?! Any ways, if you like bright lip shades, you’ll appreciate these two lip stain add-ons.


Now onto my absolute favorite part of the palette, the six eyeshadows! My goodness, these colors are so gorgeous to create looks with. I love the two beige and reddish eye shadow colors at the beginning. I have used these two shades to create an everyday look, as the shimmer in these two are not dramatic at all.

If you’re looking for a night out intense glammed up look, you can create a look with the bronze and silver eyeshadows. Although I save the silver shade for special occasion parties, this silver is less intense, and wearable even in the day time. I have been using the bronze color along with the beige in this palette.

eyeshadow swatches

The last two cool toned colors are a violet shade and a dark navy shade that is buildable. These two shades were incorporated into my get the look post in achieving a blue smokey eye with berry lips tutorial. These are wonderful to create a nice smokey eye, or can be used to create brighter looks with the lighter shade. I love how versatile this palette is, and it’s the best deal I could have asked for honestly.


Here is a look I created, using a lip stain, some eyeshadows, and a blush from this palette. The quality is no Urban Decay, but for the price and the outcome, you get a decent palette to use on daily. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you’ve found this helpful!



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