How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

20 Nov

Hey guys!

I’ve seen tons of ways you can cleanse your makeup tools on YouTube and blog posts. So today, I’m going to show you how I clean my brushes because believe it or not, this is SO important! Wondering why you’re breaking now when just a few days ago, you had a “good skin week”?

Well, your brushes are full of your old skin oils. So grab your soaps, your brush cleaning sprays, and your rubbing alcohols because we’re about to save your skin from your own self!


Alright, gather all of your brushes from your drawers and grab your towel or napkins. I like to set up everything before I start, because I own a lot of brushes and this is always a pain in the butt for me, but like I said it MUST be done.

I lay my towel on the toilet seat and grab my brushes one by one in that manner. Let’s talk about the beauty tool that we all have mistakenly ruined by cleaning wrong at one time or another… your beauty blenders/dupes.

PLEASE DO NOT CLEAN YOUR FACE SPONGES WITH SHAMPOO OR ROUGH SOAPS. Once I cleaned my Real Technique’s Miracle Complexion Sponge with a body wash. Boy did I regret that. The next day I threw it away and had to run to Ulta to get a replacement.

It will ruin the sponge so bad. Now I don’t mind spending my money on an actual beauty blender soap. It will take all of the stains off of it, while leaving your sponge still useable.


After you’ve properly dealt with your face sponge at some point, grab a nice mild shampoo and your rubbing alcohol. You’re going to want to run the water at a warm temperature, in order to kill off germs and residual oils on your brushes. Take your brush and run some rubbing alcohol onto the bristles.

Begin to swirl the brush on your hand, and you’ll start to see makeup start coming off of your brush. Then put a little bit of your preferred shampoo onto the palm of your hand, and repeat the process of swirling and rinsing.



After you’ve cleansed your brush, there is bound to still be some product on it. I like to swirl it around on a napkin or a towel, and make sure I dry the brush from the handle all the way to the bristles.

It’s super important to keep your brushes dry after you have cleansed them, and hanging them upside down is essential because it keeps the brushes from breaking apart of the base. Take your hair wraps, and choose an object to hang your brushes from.


You’re going to put the hair wrap once around your brushes, and towards the middle you’re going to begin to tie them together. Once you’re comfortable with however many times you’ve tied them together, make sure you take the back side of your wrap and wrap it around the object you’d like to hang it from.


Unfortunately, for those of us with duo-sided brushes, we’re just going to have to risk that chance, or just wash one side at a time. Hanging them upside down would defeat the purpose if you do wash them all together.  These you’ll just have to dry in a regular manner, and lay them down flat if you must.


Let your brushes dry overnight, and then check up on them in the morning.

This is the end result. Beautiful, clean, and re-usable brushes that won’t break you out! Hope you found this helpful, and thanks so much for reading!

Products Listed

A mild cleansing shampoo of your choice

Rubbing Alcohol

Beauty Blender Soap

A used towel or a bunch of napkins

Hair bands


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