My Vitamin Regimen

22 Nov

Hey there!

This is going to be a health/well being post, so just get ready! About a year ago, I got dizzy at my job. I’m talking dizzy to the point of having to leave and go home. It wasn’t wise of me to drive at the time, as I felt myself extremely light headed. I was also unable to swallow for a while as well, and my concentration was shot.

I would have to reread a word over and over in order for things to make sense. It was a strange experience. My doctor ended up telling me I had significantly low vitamin D levels, and so I began taking a 2000 IU of vitamin D.


Fast forward to the beginning of this year, I began feeling sick again. No one could figure out what was wrong with me, except the “I have high anxiety” diagnosis. I took a bunch of blood work, and still nothing. I went with it, but I didn’t necessarily believe it could be all just that conclusion. I just recently found out I have a large ovarian cyst, and it’s been pretty painful at times to deal with.

After having to be on mandatory treatment to shrink it and all of these other health effects I have had, I put myself on a vitamin regimen. Granted, this is no miracle cure what so ever, but it has been working for me personally. When I stop taking them, I start feeling sick more often. If you’re not sure if you should take these vitamins, consult with a doctor first. So let’s get into what I take every morning after I eat my breakfast!


I take 50 milligrams of CoQ10, 1000 IU of vitamin D, a multi Vitamin and Acidophilus. I’m going to explain what each of them does for you, and how it’s helped me in general. The Multi Vitamin from Nature made has just been wonderful. It’s amazing how your overall well-being improves when you’re on a multi vitamin. I do recommend this one for everyone.

As we age, we sometimes lack certain nutrients, and multi vitamin is going to make sure you get the proper nutrition you need, without worrying if you have eaten a banana that day, or if you’ve eaten all of your veggies. Granted, eating greens is great, but not all of us do it every single day. A multi vitamin is your safety net.


Now Acidophilus are bacterial cultures that live in the digestive system. They can be found in dairy products mostly. Yet I do not drink milk. That’s right, I can’t stand any type of milk, unless it’s in a Greek yogurt. I was getting a lot of strep infections earlier this year and late last year. The doctors were surprised I kept coming in with a strep infection even after hard amoxicillin treatments. Since incorporating this probiotic into my routine, I have yet to have a reoccurrence.

I only take 1000 IU of vitamin D, because in my multi vitamin there is already 1000 IU. It’s not safe to overdose on vitamins, as you could get poisoned. I made sure to get my recommended 2000 IU of vitamin D in a healthy and safe way. Since I am naturally vitamin D deficient, I have to take care of my levels as they get extremely low if I don’t. Since taking vitamin D supplements, my levels are doing just great!


Finally, not many people know or have heard of a CoQ10 supplement. Coenzyme Q10 prevents any cardiovascular problems as well as muscle tissue problems. I take only 50 milligrams because after doing some research, it was suggested that this was the only dose you’ll be needing. I don’t want to risk upping the dosage, as there could be many bad side effects if you do. It’s important for me to keep my heart healthy, as heart disease runs in my family.

Well there you have it. What may work for me, might not work for you, so please do your own thorough research on supplements. It’s important to take care of yourself the best way possible, and when medical doctors can’t go above and beyond for you in this day in age, it’s best to take your health into your own hands.

Until next time, stay healthy and thank you for reading!


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