2015 Makeup Trends: Baking and Strobing

7 Dec

Hey guys!

I want to discuss two makeup trends I’ve seen become popular very quickly in 2015. You might have heard about “highlighting” and “contouring” in the past years, but this year I’ve noticed the new trends of “baking” and “strobing” come to light.

When you bake, you’re setting the areas you’d like to brighten up with a bright translucent mineral powder. Baking can be done with the ever famous banana powder (depending on your skin tone) or a sheer powder (works for everyone).

Strobing is highlighting without contouring. This process is popularly done with highlighting creams, and then setting the highlight with a highlighting power. The two sound similar, but are both done differently.


Baking is usually done on top of the under eye concealer to brighten the eye area, and is left in its powder form for a few minutes, hence the “baking” process on your face. Once the product has set, you brush the powder away with a brush, revealing a smooth, creaseless surface. It is also used in between the brows, on the chin, under your contour line on the jaw, and the nose.

Strobing can be done all over the face, but unlike with baking, there is no use for contouring at all. When strobing, you’re highlighting the natural high points of the face, yet you’re not applying any “warmth” on the face meaning no bronzers or dark powders.

The highlight itself is supposed to be a natural way to have a fresh face. You can apply highlighter to the nose, the fore head, above the eyebrows, on the chin, or mix it with your foundation to give you an “all over” glow.


I personally feel these are the same trends that have been going on for years, just tweaked a bit in how to achieve a certain look, and are called different names. I tried out strobing on my last trip to Key West, and I honestly broke out everywhere. I like to only highlight my cupid’s bow, high parts of the cheeks, and a dot on my nose.

I like to add blush and contour to my face some times, so that was kind of weird for me not to do with this trend. I also didn’t like how shiny and oily I looked. The look is great for the camera, just like it is in the above example of Desi.

I’ll skip out on this trend, and stick to the even application of highlighting and contouring. If I want a day without contouring and just highlight and blush, I will do it and prefer to strobe that way with a mineral based highlighter. The next picture shows a somewhat strobing effect, using my BH Cosmetic’s Forever Glam Palette highlighter.


What I do like is baking! I love how a simple sponge application of setting powder on top of your concealer can make all the more difference. I don’t bake everyday, because I’ve found it to be a bit dramatic. I would bake for special occasions, where I am doing a heavy contouring and bronzing session on the face. It’s a simple process, and while my face is baking, I work on the other parts of my face.

I love how I can sweep the powder off and my face looks brighter afterwards. You can’t go wrong with setting powders, because they leave the areas you’re baking matte and prevent products from creasing. I like to use my elf HD Powder in Sheer for this process.


So how do you feel about these new trends? I hope you enjoyed my take on baking and strobing, and find which techniques work for your skin type!

Until next time, thanks for reading!


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