Tips on How to Watch your Weight During the Holidays

14 Dec

Hey guys!

The holidays is such a fun time, and since Thanksgiving, I’ve definitely been indulging in sweets and delicious pastries that a typical family would bring into their households for whatever festive reason they have. Yet, I do want to say, that last year around this time, I was well on my way to gaining 10 pounds.

It was such a shame, because I feel I lose a bunch of weight during the summer, and then I dread the holidays because all of my hard work goes out of the window. This year I’ve developed some rules I made for myself during this time in regards to food.

Hopefully these tips will help those of you out, who are going to be exposed to all sorts of fattening, delicious food all around you this winter season!


 1. Don’t neglect your workout routines.

This is so important. Around this time last year, I just gave up going to the gym all together because I was super busy with finals and a ton of family events I had to attend. I regretted at least getting my workouts out, even if I knew I was going to eat poorly.

Make sure to get your workouts out of the way in the morning, before you have to do anything. This will help you manage your time, and you don’t have to be late for any other events you’ll have to attend throughout the day.


2. If you know you’re going to have to eat a bad cheat meal, eat healthy all day before.

It’s okay to have a cheat meal, not a whole cheat day. If you have no control over this and you’re out of town, try to watch just HOW MUCH of the unhealthy meals you have, and order alternatively healthy meals for most of the time. Indulge, but don’t make it a marathon.


3. You don’t have to insult your elders, just portion control their dessert.

We all have that grandma that gets insulted if you don’t try her yearly homemade pumpkin pie, or some type of homemade dessert they made, with pride.

I cannot say no to that (it’s once a year, poor woman), so what I would do is have a just one slice. That way you don’t offend anyone, and you don’t keep grabbing for more and over indulging.


4. Prep all of your foods a week before a hectic week/weekend.

If you know you’re going away out of state, this one doesn’t apply. If you’re home for the entire holiday season, I suggest you pick a day where you can prep some healthy meals for the week, before and in between any “feast” days. This just makes eating healthy during the holidays easier on you.


5. Get back to your full healthy routine as soon the festivities are over.

This one is simple. Once the first week of January hits, it would be wise to focus on getting back to normal eating habits. You’ll body will thank you for it!

I’m pretty sure after outlining my goals for this holiday season, I will be able to manage and control myself better.

I’ve always found that writing things down, will help set them into motion. If you need to, make a sticky note of your own personal weight goals, and stick to them.

Once everything is set and done, you’ll have enjoyed your holiday food fest, without gaining too much weight. I hope this helps you all, and you have a wonderful festive month ahead!


2 Responses to “Tips on How to Watch your Weight During the Holidays”

  1. Emily December 15, 2015 at 2:23 am #

    I love these tips and it’s such a great reminder near the holiday season when I tend to eat A LOT more lol. Hope you’re having a great December!

    xoxo Emily

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Gift Of Gab December 15, 2015 at 2:33 am #

      I’m so glad you found this helpful. I understand it’s very hard during these times, as things do come up! The best thing we can do, is picking up right where we left off. 🙂 Hope your December is wonderful as well!


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