Chomps Grass Fed Beef Jerky Snack Sticks Review

16 Dec

Hey guys!

I’m constantly looking for healthy foods to incorporate into my diet. I learned that a great way of getting your protein in between meals, is to take snacks on the go with you. Yet this can often be difficult for someone who stays busy throughout the day.

When I heard about Chomps Grass Fed Beef Jerky Snack Sticks, I was excited to try them out. Just a little disclaimer, Chomps sent me their delicious snacks to review for you guys. I hope you all entered the Holiday giveaway I shared on my blog as well!


Chomps Snack Sticks are sourced from New Zealand, by a company dedicated to producing Non-GMO Grass-Fed Angus Beef snack sticks. They do have a shop in Chicago, and there snack sticks are certified by the American GrassFed Association. These are so much better health wise, compared to Slim Jims. Celery juice is their secret to keeping these snacks fresh in shelf life.

In addition to being able to try 6 snack sticks, you can order snack sticks from countless of flavors on their website. All are gluten-free, and perfect for paleo lovers, athletic lifestyles, and health conscious individuals. When I tried the original flavor snack stick, I realized that one is by far my favorite one!


The other two flavors sent to me were a Hoppin’ Jalapeno and a Crankin’ Cran. Now these are more on the spicier side, but to my surprise, weren’t overly spicy. They were perfectly balanced with delicious flavors and hints of spice. What I like about this brand, is that they cater to their customers by providing the basic varieties for different preferences.

So if you’re interested in trying Chomps Snack Sticks, you can visit the link down below. Thank you Chomps for the wonderful snacks, and thanks everyone for reading!

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