Holiday Party Decor Ideas

21 Dec

Happy Holidays everyone!

Today’s post is going to help anyone in need of Holiday Party ideas, or food ideas for their guests. My family’s holiday parties were wonderful this year, and were super festive in decorations and snacks.

FullSizeRender (2)

This party setting was outside, on a deck built at my house, but you can recreate these ideas in whatever setting you please, and add a twist to it! After all, catering to family, friends, and coworkers are what’s most important during your party!

Any successful holiday party involves asking your guests to bring their favorite beverages, or dishes they’d like to share. This create a nice selection for everyone, while encouraging others to pitch in while you are hosting your own party.


Granted, you should put out your own favorite drinks as well. My family had a little bar table set up outside, and placed ice, coolers, cups, napkins and beverages on the table in order to create the atmosphere.

FullSizeRender (3)

For those serving dishes that you would like to get fancy with, Macy’s, JcPenny’s, and Kohl’s has some wonderful serving platters. They add a modern twist to the party, while keeping the mess to a minimum. This triple slow cooker held some delicious appetizers for our guests to munch on before the main course came.

Also, ordering large platters of foods from restaurants is the best when feeding a large group of people. If you’re in the splurging mood, you can even hire some caterers, but we chose to go with a self-serving type of atmosphere.


Which leaves me to decorations. If you want a nice looking party without breaking the bank, the Dollar Tree is heaven sent. They have just about everything you’d need to make your party look festive, and for just one dollar, how could you pass that up? Check out these sparkly trees

If you’re guests are eating outside at night, a great idea is to buy tea light holders to incorporate into your center pieces, like these from IKEA. They are very affordable, and add to the holiday night spirit.


Of course, you always have that one guest that grabs the tea light while it’s hot with a candle inside of it after a few drinks in, so to prevent any injuries or accidents, buying an artificial tea light to place inside of the holders is the wisest idea. You also won’t have to worry about relighting it every time the wind blows a certain way.


The deserts are always the yummiest part of your planning. If you have a family that has a sweet tooth, you’ll want to find a customizable bakery that can create holiday treats to serve your guests! If you don’t want to go through all of that hassle, your local grocery store is bound to have some fresh holiday cupcakes, and cakes to purchase instantly. You can just put them on a nice little platter, and you’ll be good!

Yet if you’re in the South Florida region planning a holiday party, Misha’s Cupcakes is the best place to get your deserts. These sweets are unlike any other, in that the recipe is so unique, no store brand bakery can make sweets like this except Misha.


It’s a family run bakery, and their popularity in the area has risen to an enormous demand for their exclusive treats. Check out how adorable the Santa cake and cupcakes were!


Depending on where you’d like your guests to hang out, you must set up some chairs and tables somewhere inside or outside of your home. Guests will want to sit and relax to talk, so this is essential instead of everyone crowding on your one couch. Another great idea is to rent tables and chairs, incase you’d also like to set up a temporary dining table.

You can use nice looking disposable silverware and plates, without having to do an enormous amount of dish washing after the fact. Party City has really stepped up their game as far as disposable kitchenware. From plates, to platters, to even appetizer sizing cups with silverware, Party City is your place to go for holiday party hosting.

That’s about it for some holiday festivity planning ideas. Has anyone thrown their own holiday parties this month? Let me know if you have, and I hope you’re enjoying your festivities, surrounded by your loved ones!

Products Mentioned

Disposable Silverware, plates, colored napkins

Food Network Tiered Chip & Dip Set in White

ROTERA Lantern for tea light

Everlast Flameless Tealights (Set of 10)

Misha’s Deserts (cupcakes & cakes)

Sparkly tree center pieces – Dollar Tree

Hors d’oeuvres Stackable Server Platter – Party City

Elf Bottle Cover

Santa Bottle Cover

Bella 13582 Oval Triple Slow Cooker


2 Responses to “Holiday Party Decor Ideas”

  1. Jasmine Riel December 21, 2015 at 11:04 pm #

    Great party guide. Who doesn’t love a good Christmas party? Love those cute little trees. I love stores like Christmas Tree Shops and Ross because you can get some really awesome decorations at such affordable prices!

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Gift Of Gab December 22, 2015 at 9:22 pm #

      I do love Ross and other shops such as Home Goods and Marshalls to get decor for holiday parties. Can’t ever have too many in December right? lol Thanks doll!


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