Zucchini Spaghetti Recipe

4 Jan

Happy New Year, and January everyone!

I want to share a simple side or main dish entrée recipe that you can use as a healthy option if you don’t want to eat pasta. I have been making this recipe constantly, and in this post, I’ll show you just what I use to make it, how, and what I pair it with!


First off, head to your local grocery store and get at least 3-4 zucchinis. It will look like a lot, but since the calories in zucchini are practically non-existent, I like to gorge on this until I explode to make sure I’m full (a bit dramatic, but you’ll be hungry again faster if you don’t get a good amount).

I like to use the spice lemon pepper, chopped garlic, and a table spoon of Alfredo sauce to give it a contrasting zing. If you use lemon pepper, I advise against using salt to season the zucchini, as it could end up too salty to take afterwards. A light hand with the seasoning, goes a long way. When in season, I crush some avocado pieces and I let it melt as I cook the spaghetti. It’s absolutely delicious, and leaves it creamier. This is always just an option, of course.


You’ll also need a zucchini spaghetti shaping tool. I advise you not use a knife to try to get it into a strand like state, as it is messy and you can easily cut yourself. Take it from someone who’s tried it personally. So I use a vegetable peeler from Oxo Good Grips bought from Bed Bath & Beyond. I have listed the product link below.

You’re going to want to peel your zucchini strand by strand. It’s a process, so be patient, and be careful not to peel your fingers. This is an important rule, or else your veggie spaghetti will turn out watery: Only peel the zucchini until you’ve reached the seeds. Yep, you throw the rest away (or do something else with it) up until you start seeing seeds. Then season the strands lightly with lemon pepper seasoning. It’s time for some cookin!


You’re going to next throw the peeled zucchini strands into a pan with garlic and olive oil. If you had thrown the seeds in the pan as well, everything would become soggy. Don’t do it! Now that the zucchini strands are all diced and in your pan, cook it at medium heat. You’re going to cook it until it starts to bend, which shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to be exact.

Before you take your veggie spaghetti out of the pan, you’re going to take a tablespoon of Alfredo sauce and add it to the mixture. Just let the sauce and zucchini cook together for no more than 3-4 minutes, and then take it all out. You’re ready to eat it or save it for later as part of your meal preparation!


Here are some examples shown of how I like to pair my zucchini spaghetti. I like to take it with me throughout the week as a side for my meals, or if I want one huge dinner with lots of meats and veggies, I make an even bigger plate of zucchini spaghetti. I hope this has given you guys an idea of how to pair this delicious recipe together with other foods, and let me know if you try it out! I promise, it will be extra delicious! Thanks so much for reading, and have a great rest of your day!

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