2016 Blog + YouTube Goals of the Year

22 Feb

Hey everyone!

We’re already in the second month of 2016, how crazy is that? I wanted to take the time to write a post focusing on what I want to accomplish through my blog and my videos this year.

As my followers know, I began filming YouTube videos towards the end of 2015. If you haven’t subscribed, here’s your chance now! The true reason on why I started filming, was my love for visuals. I wanted to share some of the things I discuss in my blog, on a visual platform for my readers.

I try to be as detailed as I can with some blog posts, but when it comes to makeup and videos of that sort, I felt I should move that to YouTube, while still sharing it on here!



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I never intended to create a regimen of posting videos at certain time, like I do with my blog, but it seems that’s the way this year’s direction is going in. I want to at least have a video once every week, or every two weeks.

Uploading has become a challenge, as I want to juggle my time in between everything else I have going on, but I feel that if you aren’t trying something new every year, you’re stalling your own growth. It doesn’t have to be videos, you can apply this to anything in life.

What I also do want to accomplish for my blog, is the consistency, as well as the content. There are some things a 10 minute video would be better off as in a written post. I think this is where multimedia as a platform is important in our culture today. There are different platforms, to deliver specific messages on.



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If you’re looking to start a blog, or wondering how I keep my own on track, check out this past post explaining in detail what goes into the process. Writing is my main passion, and keeping my blog full of useful and entertaining material is definitely my top goal over all. I started here, so why stop?

Between juggling a YouTube channel and a blog, I’m also going through my last semester in college, so the pressure is already mounted. I know I sound like whiny baby, as I see full time mothers on YouTube posting videos every other day. Yet that is not my reality.

I’m not just trying to do “that”. I’ve always thrown myself into different projects and soon a career, so I intend on balancing those as well. This is my little escape, and I promise to maintain my creativity, and deliver content that my blog subscribers and channel followers can enjoy and find useful!

What are your goals for this year? Have you been sticking to them? I hope you guys have a wonderful week, and thank you for reading!


Thanks for your comment! I will get back to you ASAP. In the mean time, make sure to subscribe! - Gabby

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