Healthy Breakfast Routine

18 Mar

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is going to be all about that important meal of the day, (drilled into our heads since childhood) breakfast! I personally love a nice cup of tea in the morning, my coffee, some fruit, egg whites with ham, and to top it off a slice of Ezekiel bread. I’m going to explain how healthy each of these are for you, and why these items have all made it as a staple in my healthy breakfast routine!

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Let’s start off with the beverages. I like to drink up to two coffee cups a day, and no more than that. Many people debate whether or not coffee is healthy for you, and while some say it’s not, there have been other beneficial findings to drinking coffee. Did you know that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease? Bet you’re cherishing your little fix now more than ever. You’re welcome.

I find that if I go for the third cup, I’m wired throughout the night. An awesome alternative to a third cup of coffee is a nice protein shake! I like to mix a scoop of my vanilla vegan protein shake by Purely Inspired. I will have a review post up specifically on that protein powder coming up, so be sure you’re subscribed if you’re interested in hearing more about it!


I then like to have a nice cup of hot tea. I choose between Lemon and ginger, or green tea. I skip this step if I’m too pressed for time in the morning, but these are also great teas to have during the afternoon as a little pick me up. Lemon and ginger is perfect for body soreness, tummy aches, or any time you don’t feel good. Ginger is an inflammation reducer, which lemon is a nice antioxidant. Green tea can boost the metabolism, and keep you awake (that’s if there’s caffeine in yours).

I like to cook up some egg whites and sprinkle them with some cheddar cheese and a slice of ham diced. This is a great source of protein, and if you don’t want to open an egg individually and throw the yolk away, you can just purchase some already packaged egg whites. I find this to be the easiest way.

Along with the eggs, as far as sides go, a slice of Ezekiel bread along with some mixed fruit pieces really tops the breakfast off. Ezekiel bread is delicious, and you can find it in the frozen section of your grocery store. You must keep this bread refrigerated! Grabbing some already packaged mixed fruits from your local grocery store save you a lot of time, or you can create your own mix by finding time to dice different fruits, and store them in your fridge.

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Finally, you can’t forget your vitamins. Every morning, I have a multivitamin and an extra dose of vitamin D. The vitamin D is because I have a natural deficiency to it, and I like to take care of that. You can always request your vitamin levels to be checked during your yearly physical. A multivitamin usually has around 1,000 IU of a certain vitamin, so I make sure to only purchase 1,000 IU more of the extra vitamin I need. You never want to overdose on vitamins! So a nice balance everyday will work great in your benefit.

What do you guys like to eat in the morning? If you’re looking for healthier options, these are perfect for adding into your routine! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and thanks so much for reading!

What You’ll Need

1 part egg whites

1 Slice of ham or preferred cold cut meat

1 slice of Ezekiel bread to toast

Pieces of diced mixed fruits of your choice

1 cup of hot tea of your choice

Daily vitamins of your choice


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