Chit Chat: Cirque Du Soliel Toruk, Blogger Life, & Graduation

11 Apr

Here comes the first Chit Chat post of the 2016 year! I like these, because I feel it lets my readers have a personable feel into my thought process. I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking these days, and I ended up realizing I’ve been a blogger for almost 2 years now! I ask myself now, why I didn’t start sooner?

I feel that owning a blog is both a challenge, and a benefit (depending on how you nurture it) to anyone wanting to promote a business, or yourself. YOU are your brand, so be sure to get out there and gain credibility by expressing your thoughts, sharing your reviews, and provide your readers with knowledge they might not have had prior to reading your material.

I also want to announce that I’m now taking guest blog post requests! I hope you all enjoyed that last article by guest blogger, Peter Minkoff! Be sure to submit any requests through the PR/Advertisement portal form!I’ll stop rambling at this point on blogging advice, but if you need any as a new blogger, check out my blogging tips.

I graduate next month with my bachelors in Multimedia Studies, specifically in Journalism with a minor in Sociology. Women are notorious for being non-negotiators, because we fear we are over stepping our boundaries, or will be seen as a – B word. It’s important to break those glass ceilings, and go after exactly what you want when the opportunity arises.

I’m willing to take a career position that will offer long term security, room for growth, and a decent amount of pay to live in today’s society. We’ll see where my journey takes me. A great blog I love to get career advice from is #WomenWhoWork by Ivanka Trump.

I recently got the opportunity to go see the Toruk show by Cirque du Soliel live. Toruk is a live performance based on James Cameron’s Avatar. For those of you who did watch Avatar, you might remember the bird towards the end that the main character is challenged to ride. Well, that my friends is a Toruk. The performance itself was breathe taking. The creatives were bright, colorful, and had depth and texture. Check out some images I captured (without flash, of course) as I enjoyed Toruk.


I hope you guys have enjoyed this chit chat post! I hope to do more of these throughout the year to keep you guys updated on my daily life. Enjoy your week!


2 Responses to “Chit Chat: Cirque Du Soliel Toruk, Blogger Life, & Graduation”

  1. albertinebrandon April 11, 2016 at 3:28 pm #

    Love reading chit chat posts, graduation is always an exciting time!

    Good luck with your job hunt 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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