Arnott’s Tim Tam Original & Caramel Chocolate Cookies Review

2 May

Hey everyone!

I was sent two flavors of Arnott’s Tim Tam Chocolate cookies to try out and review by the lovely BzzAgent! Did you know these cookies are famous in Australia, and 150 years in the making?


Arnott’s Huntingwood Bakery in New South Wales, Australia produces these chocolate biscuit treats yet now you guys can try them for yourselves! They’ve recently hit the American shelves of select Walmart stores, Target, Safeway, Kroger, Harris Teeter, and HEB.

These candies retail around $4 with tax, but I was lucky to also get coupons to hand out for .75 cents less, and I think I’ll be sneaking those in as little extra goodies for my buyers of Mercari and Poshmark, as well as some for friends and family.IMG_8655

For those of you who’ve tried Tim Tams, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Slam Jam! To make your own Slam Jam, here are some instructions to achieve it!

  1. Take a Tim Tam cookie of your choice, and bite both of the sides of the cookie off.
  2. Next, place your Tim Tam in your mouth, and into the cup of drink of your choice (milk, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.) and slurp until you feel that liquid has reached your mouth and past the Tim Tam.
  3. Finally, you eat the entire soaked Tim Tam, and you enjoy a two in one treat!

I tried the Slam Jam myself with some almond milk, and my god it was SO good. So if you guys try this method, please let me know in the comments below on what your combo of choice was!


I preferred both Tim Tam Original and Chewy Caramel cookie flavors refrigerated. I felt the chocolate was more preserved that way. The Chewy Caramel flavor was chewy and had a caramel fill in the center. The chewy consistence wasn’t too overwhelming. I enjoyed both flavors, but my favorite? The Original!

The Original cookie flavor tasted like a delicious plain chocolate bar. For being a girl who likes original things, (cheese pizza included) I leaned more towards this bag, and found that I finished this one faster. It’s just so yummy, but I will say the Chewy Caramel one was so much fun to make a Slam Jam with!


So if you’re ever in your local stores where they sell Tim Tams, I wouldn’t hesitate, and get yourself a bag. They make perfect snacks for parties, and I know I will be enjoying these cookies during the holiday season. Everyone will be dipping their Tim Tams into their hot cocoa’s on a cold winter day, and enjoy their Slam Jams even more so around that time.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this review. Make sure to let me know if you’ve tried these yourselves. Have a wonderful week!

Products Listed

Tim Tam Original Chocolate Cookies

Tim Tam Chewy Caramel Chocolate Cookies


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