23andMe.com DNA Genetic Test Review

10 Jun

Hey guys,

Ready for a detailed post all about me? Well, about my genetics at least. I felt this experience was a fun one, and to learn about myself, is the best gift I felt I could have given myself. So what did I do? I ordered a DNA Test Kit!

I ordered a genetic DNA test kit from a company called 23andMe for $199 a few months back. With 23andMe, you’re able to identify what traits you have, what genetic health markers you possess, as well as examine your ancestry back to around 500 years ago.


So the initial process begins when they send you’re your testing kit. Something a lot of people hesitate to do when they first receive it, is to register it. I would SUGGEST to go online before even beginning to put your DNA sample into the kit, and register the bar code number to your account.

Once the kit is sealed, you can no longer see the bar code. It was a relatively easy process, and the package already came with a return shipping label. It didn’t take the labs long to receive my specimen, but what did take long is the entire test analysis in general.

When I first ordered the kit, the wait time to receive your results was around 6-8 weeks. Due to popular demand, this wait limit has been increased to 9-12 weeks. Who would have thought all of these 23andMe commercials, would have business booming? I guess it’s a catch twenty-two, because great marketing can lead to higher sales, but when you can’t deliver at the promised time anymore, customers are bound to get impatient.


I finally received my results at the 9-week mark, and I was surprised to say the least. My results showed I was everything, but of Asian descent. I have African, European, and Native American ancestry genetics, which I found to be fascinating. Being of Hispanic ethnicity, I found this was helpful in order to understand what it means to be Hispanic/Latino genetically.

I was also able to piece the puzzle together. My ancestors come from everywhere to the Caribbean islands such as Cuba and the Dominican Republic, all the way to Southern Europe, along with a bit of Northern Europe, such as French from one of my great, great, great grandmothers. It just made me realize what a small world this is.

Ancestry Results

The Native American is only 1%, but this 1% is significant, and I’ll tell you why. A Haplogroup is the group of ancestor’s where your mother’s, mother’s, mother originated from. Basically all of the females on your mother’s side have the same Haplogroup. My Haplogroup turns out to be part of the B4’5 group, and my subgroup was B2. That means one of my female great grandmother ancestors on my mother’s side was Native American.

Many other people around the world can share a Haplogroup and never have met. This is because at one point in time, we all stemmed from the same woman. This Native American woman was the true root of why we are here today. I did some research on 23andMe and found that others with my same Haplogroup are of Mexican and South American descent due to common migration patterns.

Haplogroup Report

Since most of my family ended up in the Caribbean from Europe, it’s clear that someone strayed in the pattern of migration, and it could have been one of this woman’s female children. Very awesome to know where the women on my mother’s side originated from.

A while ago, 23andMe got into some trouble for exposing whether or not a person is genetically predisposed to have certain autoimmune diseases, and even cancer. The technology to determine whether or not you can develop diseases such as Alzheimer’s DOES exist, but the FDA doesn’t want people to know (surprise).

Carrier Status Report

So after the FDA and 23andMe had their altercation, they were able to come to an agreement on what genetically predisposed disease 23andMe can disclose to their customers. I was fortunate to learn of the diseases listed on their website, I had no variant genes. As far as that list goes, I’m a healthy girl.

What’s cool about continuing to log on to 23andMe, is your contribution to research. If you give your consent to let them create case studies by comparing your DNA to you answers, you could be contributing to their top research motives such as major diseases, and if certain traits are linked to a certain gender, ethnicity, or race.


I did opt-in, and now I am able to take survey’s and help contribute information to their labs. I find that the questions are really neat too, as sometimes they ask me things that I already knew about myself, but didn’t expect them to through my DNA sample.

In retrospect, I’m happy I did this DNA genetic test. I haven’t had experiences with other companies such as Ancestry, but from the research I’ve done on my own, I learned that 23andMe.com is the best choice to discover a variety of information about yourself, and not just in the general aspect. If you’ve been looking for the right DNA genetic test, I highly recommend this one.

Have you guys done any genetic testing for yourselves? I hope you’ve found this read helpful, and have a great day!

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