Weekend Chit Chat: Décor & Dining

11 Jul

Hey guys!

Recently, I had a weekend full of back to back events, which included social gatherings, as well as dining experiences. I was fortunate to draw inspiration from them, and build this post together for your guys! If you’re ever in the West Miami area, and you’re a fan of experimenting with different cuisines, I highly recommend Aromas Del Peru.

White Sangria

My favorite drink there has to be the White Sangria, where they dice up fresh fruits into a mixture of white wine with juice, along with some dry ice for special effects (video of the drink is up on my Instagram @ClassySassG). Though you can select from the menu some delicious choices, my family and I much prefer the buffet special, which runs from 12pm – 3pm at the location in Coral Gables. I’m not sure if this special applies to their other locations in South Florida, as their website doesn’t mention it.

This includes all you can eat for one person, for $19.99. If you’re not familiar with Peruvian food, it’s a unique take on Spanish, Asian, and Native Peruvian influences all into one category. I thoroughly enjoy eating Peruvian, and here’s a peak at what my plate looked like at Aromas Del Peru recently.

Peruvian Buffet

Shifting restaurants, I also indulged in the Cheesecake Factory! I feel like whatever item your order on their menu, you can’t be disappointed. I myself haven’t tried everything on the menu, but when I do go, I choose an item I either have come to love every time I go there, or something completely new. I’ve tried everything from sandwiches, to lettuce wraps, to enchiladas. I had their steak tacos, and my mouth was in heaven.

The steak wasn’t hard to chew, and the small corn tortillas along with the side of rice with black beans made for the perfect Mexican dish. What I like about the Cheesecake Factory is that there is something for everyone on the menu. If you’re on a diet, there’s something for you. If you want a burger, they have that too. If you want an upscale piece of fish, it’s there at your request.

Cheesecake Factory Steak Tacos

You can never go wrong with a glass or two of Prosecco, so at Cheesecake that was my choice of drink. I’m not the type to order a Pina Colada unless I’m on vacation or in the hot sun at the beach. Prosecco is my favorite sparkling wine, and the brand varies. I’m no beverage connoisseur, but for a long time I couldn’t tell the difference between sparkling wine and champagne. The biggest difference is that champagne does not go stale if left in the bottle for too long, while sparkling wine does.


Finally, onto two little decoration inspirations I got while at different baby shower events. This particular decoration with the anchor details, helps if you’re on a budget, and the availability of baby’s breathe is usually easy to find. I liked the sailor themed mason jar with the flower pebbles at the bottom, because the detailing was simple, yet very crafty and creative.


I love DIY center pieces! The combination of daisies with baby’s breathe, along with sliced lemons in a watered vase, make for a beautiful center piece in the summer time. This was a Pinterest idea (as they usually are), and its ideas like these that make time and effort, along with care go a long way when putting a DIY idea together creatively.

Table Top Arrangements

That’s it for my chit chat post today. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read, and have a great day!


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