Easy Homeade Pina Colada Recipe

12 Aug

Hey drink lovers!

This post is SO for you! Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your yummy tropical drinks. Pina Coladas can be made all year long in my book. On my Instagram, I had promised you all a recipe my family has been making for some time now for an easy homemade Pina Colada experience. This recipe is dedicated to my grandmother, because she introduced me to it.


What You’ll Need

For starters, you’re going to need the two most very basic essentials in this recipe: a blender and two cups of ice. If you add too much ice, this drink will be watered down, and not frozen. The only way I can withstand so much sugar, is by it being nice and frozen!


Once the ice is placed in the blender, it’s time to open that can of Pina Colada mixer. It’s very gooey, and you’ll need a spoon to dig it all out. After the product is in the blender, be sure not to throw the can away, at least not yet.

Measuring the amount of rum is fairly easy, so you’ll need no measurement cup. Your measurement cup will be the remaining mixer can. Trust me, I’ve tested this many times, and it’s JUST right.

Now just blend, blend, blend. After you’ve hit your desired formula, you’re going to pop open that Maraschino Cherry can. My grandmother likes for the cherries to be cut in half with the stems still intact, and placed on the rim of a glass. You can get quite creative at this point.


Finally, with a spoon you’re going to scoop some cherry juice from the jar, and swirl it on top of the drink. It will then sink to the bottom of the glass, creating an aesthetically pleasing factor about this drink. I think it pulls it together nicely, while making it taste delicious.

Does your family have their own drink recipes? Let me know if you get to try this out in the comments below, and enjoy your week!


2 Responses to “Easy Homeade Pina Colada Recipe”

  1. Pam McCray August 13, 2016 at 7:20 pm #

    Looks easy, sounds yummy!!


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