Weekend Chit Chat: Ikea & Wedding Decor

19 Aug

Hi there!

These past weekends have been quite eventful for me, and they include attending a family wedding, and taking a stroll in Ikea. I don’t know about you guys, but Ikea is a field trip in and of itself. I want to note that sometimes when I write eventful chit chats, they don’t always occur in the same weekend. They are more of a recap than anything else. Still makes for a fun, and interesting post if you ask me!

Bernie Wedding

The wedding I attended was spectacular. The theme was cinema, and all things theater, which I found to be such a creative way to celebrate! The décor and displays were made personable, and that’s one of the best ways to connect with your family and friends on your special day. Everyone could relate to the bride and groom in some way, and I was lucky enough to enjoy this beautiful centerpiece of tulips and hydrangeas in my own home as a reminder of the beautiful night that had occurred.


I also got a chance to explore my local IKEA, and as always, I find it fascinating. Not sure if it’s because of the maturity relating to my age, or genuine interest, but anything relative to architectural or interior design, has remained an unawaken liking of mine. I first reached the rug area, because I was in search of a new rug for my room. Overwhelming was an understatement. There are rugs hanging from the walls, on the floor, and thrown on boxes. It’s literally your choice of many, and it’s kind of like encountering a play pen of pets. It’s like a picking a puppy to take home with you, to be quite frank.


After choosing the right rug for my surroundings, I decided to explore a bit, and my curiosity got the best of me. I found these little lighting fixtures first, which would be adorable for a child’s room. I wondered what the inspiration was behind them, as these reminded me of characters sort of like from the movie Totoro, which was a childhood favorite of mine.

The lighting fixtures are permanently interesting. You never see these types of designs other than Ikea. I do wonder whether the orb shaped fixtures give enough lighting as the uncovered, wired ones do. I’ve dreamed about having a modern and minimalistic room, and putting one of these as the main centerpiece. While chandeliers were my first preference when I was a little girl about lighting fixtures in my future home, these futuristic designs have replaced that dream of mine, or should I say, evolved.


Making my way to the storage area, there are tons and tons of boxes. Some are metal, some are cardboard. I managed to pick these two zig zag cardboard pattern boxes, which came with a self-assemble box and lid. For less than $5, I thought these were a steal. Just because something looks expensive, doesn’t mean it has to be.


Recycling material once used to hold documents in a storage room, which is now transformed to an aesthetically pleasing household décor piece, not only looks good, but protects the environment as well. One less plant destroyed in vain, right?

Ikea and weddings are fun, but knowing you guys enjoy these posts is even more fun for me! I hope you all have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!


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