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NEW Items Added to My Online Shops

17 Jun

Hey there!

For some of you who might not know, I have two online stores. To know more in depth, you can visit my past posts explaining the one I have on Mercari, and my other on Poshmark. For those of you who have known about them, I’ve recently just added a TON of new items ready and up for grabs!

Below are just some of the items available for purchase as of now on either platform. Remember, items are listed CHEAPER in my Mercari boutique, because I get to keep all of the profits. They might be little more expensive in my Poshmark Closet, because Poshmark takes a nice percentage cut from my earnings. Just a shopper’s tip.

Thanks so much for reading, and happy shopping!

Poshmark Closet

Mercari Boutique


Beauty Products:



NEW Mercari Boutique is Open!

8 Sep

Hey everyone!

So as you all know, I am an avid pusher for Poshmark, and I have a good amount of items up for sale at great prices. Unfortunately, Poshmark is not the best platform for electronics or other high quality items that don’t have a place being there. Yet now, I have a way of selling amazing products, for the best comparable prices out there!

I decided to open up my own Mercari Boutique, in order to sell top notch items, at still awesome prices. For those of you who don’t know what Mercari is, it’s the same concept as Poshmark, yet you cannot purchase items online, you’d have to purchase them through the App itself.

If you’re curious about being a seller yourself, unlike Poshmark, Mercari takes NONE of your profits. Poshmark tends to take 20% of your own earnings, where as this company does not. You can even choose to sell an item with free shipping, and Poshmark doesn’t have that feature either.

Please check out some of the items I have listed, and make sure to use the Invite code: PWCDDQ, in order to earn your first $2 in your account! Happy shopping dolls!

 NOTE: There will be some items listed from Poshmark, that will show up in my Mercari Boutique. This is simply selling my items on two platforms, and which ever sells out first, I will delete the listing quickly as to not confuse other buyers. Thanks and enjoy!

EXPIRED – Back to School Sale: 50% Off Shoes, Accesories, and Shirts

8 Aug

Whether you’re looking for a graduate gift or are looking for the latest trends to start your school year off right, this 50% off sale is for you!

Purchase these items through my Poshmark closet, and if you haven’t signed up for Poshmark yet, enjoy an immediate $5.00 credit deposited into your account to spend as you please by signing up using the invite code: BSQEW

For now, all shirts, accessories, and shoes are half off! Offer ends soon, it’s my first ever half off sale, so you know this is a rare sight! Take advantage of this deal while you can!

Here are just some of the items that have been put on discount, make sure to visit my closet page for more deals like these!

Happy Poshing guys!

My Poshmark Closet

NOTE: This offer is now expired.

EXPIRED – Limited time closet deal: Brush set of 4, with purchase over $50

20 Jun

Happy Saturday!

I recently received a bunch of high quality brushes from Jessup, and some Elf ones too. I didn’t realize they came with so many of them, and since I already have a ton of brushes myself, I wanted to share two unused sets with you!


My closet followers know I love creating fun deals, and this is definitely one of them! My next 2 customers with received a set of 4 never before used brushes for the eyes and face when they purchase items or bundles over or at $50! I can say the quality of these brushes are GORGEOUS, and having used the ones I kept for myself, I am in love.


  I’m so happy to be able to share this with you guys, and I hope that along with your purchase, you’ll be satisfied with some nice new brushes as well! A 2 in 1 deal, take advantage while you can!

Don’t miss out and be one of the 2 to receive these amazing brushes, total dupes for MAC brushes! Shop my closet now!

NOTE: This offer is now expired. Both sets can be found for sale in my Mercari Boutique and 1 set on Poshmark

Expired: Summer Giveaway: 3 Pack Bundle of Teas!

13 May

As per my last review on Teami Blends products, it wasn’t so positive was it?

Well now I am giving YOU the chance to own not 1, not 2, BUT 3 assortments of teas from top notch brands that I completely love to indulge in, and know the rest of the world does too!

So how will this giveaway work? My next customer that buys from my Poshmark closet products under $50, will receive a pack of 3 different assorted teas from awesome companies such as Bigelow, Yogi, Celestial, and Hornimans along with your choice of purchase. So hurry in to be a part of the giveaway, before it’s too late!

Happy sipping & happy poshing! 🙂

P.S. This Offer has now expired.

If you purchase items over $50 or of that same value, you’re eligible for a set of 4 brushes from Jessup and Elf. Limited time deal only. Check out more details here!

New Items for Sale, including a bundle!

27 Apr

Here are the latest additions to my Poshmark Closet also known as Gifts from Gab. There is a bundle included, of all crop tops! Go visit, and make sure to follow me @giftsfromgabxo on Poshmark!

Not a fan of Poshmark yet? You’re able to buy discounted clothes of all brands and sizes to your liking!

Sign up with promo code: BSQEWand receive $5 for free in your Poshmark account to do with as you please!


This is a crop top bundle! All three are a size Large, with 2 from Forever 21 and the galaxy one from Wetseal. Never before worn out before. Bundle Cost: $16


This poncho is sheer made with chiffon, so it’s not bulky and can be worn even during warmer weather. Goes gorgeous as a night out top. In mint condition, worn only 2 times. Cost: $13


This shirt is absolutely gorgeous, made with sturdy crochet material, so ripping is highly unlikely. Grew out of it, and sad to see it go from my closet but I know whoever gets this shirt will be in total love! Mint condition. Cost: $18


Beautiful collared blouse from forever 21. All button still in tact, in mint condition. Cost: $13


I’ve grown out of this one, but it’s in absolute perfect condition, and material feels delicious. It’s a push up and from the PINK line of Victoria’s Secret! Cost: $35


Beautiful collared blouse from forever 21. All button still in tact, in mint condition. Cost: $13

Expired: Beauty products FREE with purchase! Next 3 customers!

18 Mar

While supplies last… and they are going fast people… when you make a purchase, you can be among the NEXT 3 CUSTOMERS TO RECIEVE FREE BEAUTY PRODUCT SAMPLES!

All product samples are from Birchbox, and have not been tampered with in any way.

Happy Poshing, and visit my closet today for affordable, trendy and high quality products available for purchase now!

This offer has now expired.

Valentine’s Day SALE!

13 Feb

Prices have been marked down in my Poshmark Closet! Be one of the 5 customers that receive a beauty product sample included in your purchase for FREE, thanks to BirchBox

Grab while there’s still time for this sweet sale on goodies such as perfumes, jewelry, dresses and much more that you don’t want to miss!

Shop My Poshmark Closet HERE

EXPIRED – FREE sample products with purchase!

19 Jan



My next 5 customers will receive sample beauty products along with their purchase from my Poshmark closet!

Check out clothing, perfumes, shoes and more I have for sale in my Poshmark closet, username: @giftsfromgabxo

Not yet a member? Get a $5 credit when you join with code: BSQEW.

Be among the lucky 5 and enjoy brand new products, courtesy of BirchBox!

Happy Poshing!

– Gabrielle

NOTE: This offer is now expired.

My Poshmark Look Book

9 Jan

Want to see how the items in my closet come together to make full outfits?

Here are products ALL LISTED FOR PURCHASE currently in my Poshmark closet. Feel free to get creative with the items you purchase from my closet in your own way!

Enjoy the ideas! Don’t hesitate to ask me to bundle for you!

Click here to view items in my closet directly! 😊👗👠💄🎀👜💖


1st Look: Elegant Black Jumpsuit, Black Skinny Belt (Included in a 3 piece Belt Bundle), Beaded Statement Necklace Earring Set, Neon Bow Peep-toe Flats, the Gold Metallic Guess Bag. Estimated Bundle Cost: $70


2nd Look: Color Block Midi Dress, Coral Spiked High Wedges, & Statement Necklace & Rhinestone Earring Set. Estimated Bundle Cost: $55


3rd Look: Pattern Coach Purse, Party Belt (included in a 3 piece Belt Bundle), Plaid Cute Dress, & Teal Faux Snake Skin Sandal Estimated Bundle Cost: $110


4th Look: Gregi Guess Pumps, Gold Metallic Guess Bag, Link Chain Necklace & Bracelet Bundle, & Sexy Striped Body-con Dress. Estimated Bundle Cost: $100


5th Look: Teal Maxi Dress, White Belt (Included in a 3 piece Belt Bundle), XOXO Purse, Crochet Wooden Sandals Estimated Bundle Cost: $65


6th Look: Peach Love21 Elegant Blazer, Black & Gold Statement Necklace, Little Formal Belted Black Dress, Pattern Coach Purse, & Mint with Pink Bottoms Pumps. Estimated Bundle Cost: $120

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