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How To: Weekly Protein Shake Prep

7 Oct

Hey there!

Every week on my meal prep days (usually between Saturday and Sunday), I also prepare my weekly protein shakes. Even if you aren’t into working out much, choosing a protein powder to indulge in during the middle of the day, could help boost your mental focus, while keeping you full, avoiding any mid-day binges. I like to pack these shakes with me, and have them towards late afternoon to keep me going strong.


To get enough protein in your day, you want to first choose a good protein powder. My preference is Purely Inspired Organic Protein, which is perfect for anyone that leads a vegan lifestyle as well. I personally am not vegan, but since this protein is plant based, I’m able to receive all of the nutrients I wouldn’t have on a daily basis. If you’d like a full review on this protein powder, visit my past post on it.

You’ll also want to invest in at least 5-7 travel-friendly shaker bottles. I’ve invested in a few more blender bottles myself, and they make all the difference. You want to be able to place them inside your lunchbox, and not worry if they spill all over the place. A secure lid is always a must when you decide to shake up your mixture before you drink it as well. So make sure you have enough blender bottles for the week, and then you’ll be ready to create your blend!


Next, you’ll want to choose some fruits or veggies to blend inside of a blender, and measure them to last throughout the week. In this picture, I chose to cut up a dragon fruit along with a banana in order to get some “meat” in my shakes. I portioned them into five groups, so I could place them in my 5 shakes for the week. The next step is optional, but I’ve been doing it since I realized it makes my shakes taste so yummy!


I then like to put some fruits that I know produce an abundant of juice, inside my juicer. Sometimes I switch it up between mangos, tangerines, apples, and even adding some greens such as spinach into the mix. I also divide the juice up from a cup, into those 5 shaker bottles.


The rest of the liquid is pure water, which dilutes any harsh sugary tastes. This not only provides you with extra nutrients, but you’ll also have a delicious tasting protein shake in the end. Not all protein powders taste great, and this is a good way of masking that taste.

After you’ve mixed your blended fruits, juice, and protein powder together, you’re all set to pack your shakes and get ready for your week ahead! I hope you’ve found this helpful, and are able to incorporate more healthy snacks like these into your routine. Your body will be happy!


Tips on How to Watch your Weight During the Holidays

14 Dec

Hey guys!

The holidays is such a fun time, and since Thanksgiving, I’ve definitely been indulging in sweets and delicious pastries that a typical family would bring into their households for whatever festive reason they have. Yet, I do want to say, that last year around this time, I was well on my way to gaining 10 pounds.

It was such a shame, because I feel I lose a bunch of weight during the summer, and then I dread the holidays because all of my hard work goes out of the window. This year I’ve developed some rules I made for myself during this time in regards to food.

Hopefully these tips will help those of you out, who are going to be exposed to all sorts of fattening, delicious food all around you this winter season!


 1. Don’t neglect your workout routines.

This is so important. Around this time last year, I just gave up going to the gym all together because I was super busy with finals and a ton of family events I had to attend. I regretted at least getting my workouts out, even if I knew I was going to eat poorly.

Make sure to get your workouts out of the way in the morning, before you have to do anything. This will help you manage your time, and you don’t have to be late for any other events you’ll have to attend throughout the day.


2. If you know you’re going to have to eat a bad cheat meal, eat healthy all day before.

It’s okay to have a cheat meal, not a whole cheat day. If you have no control over this and you’re out of town, try to watch just HOW MUCH of the unhealthy meals you have, and order alternatively healthy meals for most of the time. Indulge, but don’t make it a marathon.


3. You don’t have to insult your elders, just portion control their dessert.

We all have that grandma that gets insulted if you don’t try her yearly homemade pumpkin pie, or some type of homemade dessert they made, with pride.

I cannot say no to that (it’s once a year, poor woman), so what I would do is have a just one slice. That way you don’t offend anyone, and you don’t keep grabbing for more and over indulging.


4. Prep all of your foods a week before a hectic week/weekend.

If you know you’re going away out of state, this one doesn’t apply. If you’re home for the entire holiday season, I suggest you pick a day where you can prep some healthy meals for the week, before and in between any “feast” days. This just makes eating healthy during the holidays easier on you.


5. Get back to your full healthy routine as soon the festivities are over.

This one is simple. Once the first week of January hits, it would be wise to focus on getting back to normal eating habits. You’ll body will thank you for it!

I’m pretty sure after outlining my goals for this holiday season, I will be able to manage and control myself better.

I’ve always found that writing things down, will help set them into motion. If you need to, make a sticky note of your own personal weight goals, and stick to them.

Once everything is set and done, you’ll have enjoyed your holiday food fest, without gaining too much weight. I hope this helps you all, and you have a wonderful festive month ahead!

My Fitness Routine

2 Oct

Hey guys!

I am proud to say that for once in a long time, I’m happy with my fitness routine. I gained a ton of weight last year due to health-related problems, so I decided to take my well-being into my own hands.

I just want to begin by saying that this post is not sponsored or affiliated with the products I am going to discuss, these were all purchased with good money, and results are based on motivation only.


I began a workout regimen with Beach Body’s 21 Day Fix for five days a week. I ate six times a day (small, healthy meals), and the best part was my cheat meal once a week! This is just what has been working for me, and I know other people trying the 21 day fix might have different results. Let me know if you have tried it though, and share your experience here!

The 21 Day Fix requires that you measure your food out with the portioned containers that comes with the two DVDs and handbook. I personally never used the containers, because I knew how to eat healthy, even though at times I didn’t.

They are meant for those who want to learn how to eat the good stuff without over doing it. I do a low carbohydrate, high protein diet, so it works just as good. I like to have at least one grain carb a day, preferably in the morning so that I am able to burn it off throughout the day.


You will need to purchase a workout mat, two sets of weights to alternate if you get tired or if instructed to use, and you may use a resistance band which is optional. I love how each video shows a modified way of doing certain exercises.

Let’s say, you can’t do jumping jacks because you have bad ankles like I do, then you’ll follow the modifier member’s movements. So even if you can’t keep up with some of the tougher routines, you’ll still be working out the same muscles, just in a more comfortable way for you.

The program comes with two DVDs that you will follow in order. The workouts are numbered, so you won’t be lost. Just keep repeating after you’ve finished all 10 workouts in both DVDs. It’s helped me so much, and the workouts are tough but enjoyable. For just 30 minutes a day with a fun instructor, you’ll come to love it as much as I have!


The numbers on the scale keep dropping for me, and I know it was because I work out five-six times a week. I have one rest day, and I have one cheat meal (no full cheat days). One cheat meal throughout the entire week that is completely fattening and delicious, keeps you sane. I look forward to it every week!

I don’t take any protein supplements or drink any protein shakes. It would help me, but I’ve just stuck to a Greek yogurt before and after my workout. Sometimes I even have a can of tuna to refuel. Protein is the main component to every healthy diet. If you just eat a bag of iceberg lettuce salad, you’re not getting any real nutrients.


You’ll feel like collapsing mid work out if your goal is to starve. Never starve your body, as you’ll gain weight this way much easier. If you’re a vegetarian, a good amount of beans and lentils along with some tofu would be a great pre and post workout meal.

I love how I can come home, workout for 30 minutes, and get back to my school work and other activities. This is a simple way of staying in shape, with some tough routines at home. How is your fitness routine like? I hope you’ve found these tips helpful, and thanks so much for reading!

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