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Healthy Meal Prep Ideas

9 Nov

Hey guys!

A lot of people are stuck in their very busy schedules, and the result is poor eating habits. Let’s face it, it’s hard to deny a breakfast meal from McDonalds when its right next to your job, and you’re already extra late to work with nothing in your stomach.

It’s happened to the best of us, and it will continue to happen from time to time. To reduce running to the nearest fast food restaurant or bakery, here’s an idea: prepare your meals for the entire week! You can view a different variation above on my YouTube channel, or read how I created this salmon, baby tomatoes, and Brussel sprouts meal combo!


I’m taking this meal of Salmon, Brussel Sprouts, and baby tomatoes in balsamic vinaigrette. I’ve prepared as an example. First, you should pick a day of the week where you are absolutely free to cook up meals for the entire week. For me, it’s Tuesday mornings.

That’s always subject to change, so make sure you do groceries before your chosen “meal prep” days. I plan to cook a meat, a side or two, and then another meat and another side to just leave in my fridge for me to pick and graze on if I ever get hungry when at home.


Another tip for foods to grab when you’re home, if you like canned tuna, stock up! Make juices for the week. Get light and fit yogurts from Dannon, and graze on those snacks. You can even make my ice cream recipe using some fruits and yogurts in your fridge. I promise, there are a lot of healthy home snacks you can have, and your body will thank you for it.

Now onto the actual meal prep. You’re going to want to prep your lunches for when you’re at your University or at work. I love to switch it up every week after the groceries have been done, and this week I enjoyed the cilantro that was in the fridge, by dicing it up very small and sprinkling it over the salmon.

Full meal

Place all of your meats and veggies in one big pan to bake. This makes everything easier, and you’ll just need to pack it after it’s done. That’s it! I like to have some chickpeas simmering on the stove top while everything is baking inside of the oven, and maybe chops some avocados or have my zucchini spaghetti cooking in a sauce pan.

It’s important to make your food taste delicious, so if you want to add any sauces or seasoning, go for it. I always make my healthy foods edible and enjoyable to my liking this way. If you need to drizzle ginger dressing on the salmon, or any meat sauce for the veggies, have at it!


These are just some tips to get you set up on eating healthy throughout the day and not spending so much money eating out. I know it can be hard, but this way you’ll save more money while keeping healthy. Hope these tips have helped you, and thanks so much for reading!

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