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Favorite Instagram Accounts I Follow

19 Sep

Hey guys!

In addition to The Gift of Gab, I also have an IG account that’s dedicated to my lifestyle. At times you’ll find me promoting my blog posts, YouTube videos, and products that I’m loving at the moment. If you don’t follow my Instagram, be sure to at @classysassg.

I have wonderful followers, but I’m also happy to state I follow accounts that serve different purposes, but I feel have the best content out there. It’s not often I grow to love an IG account, so you’ll discover the ones I discuss in this post, are a few that are worth the follow.



@thingsbitchessay is a parody account, dedicated to all memes meant to empower or expose the “HBIC”. A lot of the time, I can relate to this account’s posts, and I know a lot of girls would. It’s all in good fun, and the best part? It never portrays a woman as “weak” or a “damsel”. I often find that IG accounts dedicated to memes can be sexist in that it only shows the “man’s side” of things. Who doesn’t love an account like @thingsbitchessay that basically screams “I am woman, hear me roar.”



@tipsyontravel is an IG account based on blogger Leanne’s life. She records all of her travel adventures through stunning visual photography, along with detailed descriptions. I only follow travel and lifestyle IG accounts when their content is high quality, because who doesn’t get drawn in by sight? Also, photo’s that make you feel you are there in the moment, are the ones that transcend meaning most to me.


@olivia.lines will take you into her world, through her eyes. The contrast and saturation of her photographs, really make for a unique IG quality that not many accounts strive for because they don’t know that’s exactly what their viewers want to see. To be able to view a day in the life, whether it’s traveling to a foreign country, sitting and having your meal, or taking a photograph of street lights, this IG account’s authenticity makes it extremely fascinating!



@wineandfoodblog IG account is based off of the blog, Wine, Food and Friends, which is based around different recipes, that are categorized by each meal course. The IG account and blog owner, Lindsay, captures the essence of her recipes in her IG photographs, and usually focus on one item per photo. I find this technique appeals most to me because simplicity in staging is often all you need to reel your audience in for more.


@themiamimenu is an IG account dedicated to photographs of delicious foods, whether it’s homemade or from a restaurant in the Miami area. I live in South Florida, so whenever I see accounts dedicated to promoting foods in the area, I’m all for the follow. I also love to drool over amazing food photographs, especially if they are fattening just to get my visual fix. Then I pinch myself, and back on my diet I am again. No harm done, but I also get an idea of what I can indulge in come my cheat meal night.


@oliviathevegan is dedicated to veganism and the foods that the account owner, Olivia, eats on a daily basis. Her vegan bowl pictures always have me dreaming about eating them. I’m personally not a vegan, but I’m always on the hunt for new healthy recipes to incorporate into my diet, and she has the best ideas for just that! She makes veganism look easy, flawless and most importantly – delicious.



@beautybykat____ showcases her work of looks created on her YouTube makeup channel, along with product breakdowns of these looks on her IG account. I love how creative Kat gets, and is always coming up with amazing cut-crease eye makeup looks. She’s a natural artist, and her IG account expresses that point across to her audience. Plus, she’s a total sweetheart!


@christinaschiccorner is a beauty blogger who like me, promotes her blog posts often on her IG account. Christina has the best posts based all around beauty and lifestyle. From hair, to makeup, to skincare, she’s got it down to a science. She takes awesome photographs, and has a nice clean theme for her IG account. Plus, she’s on top of her posting game. Consistency is something I admire, because it reminds me so much of my philosophy when it comes to blogging.


@maquillageitup IG can help you to discover new beauty products! She does IG reviews, and goes in-depth on her descriptions. Not to mention, the makeup meme’s she makes are hilarious. Demo videos are also available on her account, which makes it a convenient way to preview the hottest makeup available on today’s market, before making that purchase!



@inspire_me_home_decor Interior Design Content Creator, Farah Merhi, outdid herself with this IG account. I’m obsessed with this one, because it inspires the interior designer in you. You’ll want to switch things around in your home, or day dream about a future décor style in the future for it. This IG account features home decors from many different other interior design accounts, which helps other decorators gain exposure. It’s definitely an account you’ll be scrolling through for over 30 minutes, and wonder where the time has gone.


@ayeshacurry is the famous GSW Steph Curry’s wife, but she doesn’t stop there. She engages in blogging, vlogging, and even has a cookbook out. Ayesha even has a new home food delivery service called Gather, where ingredients are sent to your door each week, and you can create meals according to her own recipes for your family. She’s got a lot of things going on, and her IG account shows that. She posts about everything lifestyle, and she’s got herself together, which I’ve always admired.


@oliviapearson is on the show WAGS on the E Channel, but long before she was a reality star, she was just “IG famous”. I’ll admit, this is one of my guilty pleasure follows, but the good thing about Liv, is that she runs a blog and YouTube channel with her cousin Natalie. They both create content catered to high-end products, and have great video and photography skills. Not sure how much of the content on Liv’s IG is her own, but it’s an entertaining account to follow, none the less.

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? Check these out when you have the time, and enjoy your time scrolling!

Thanks for reading, and hope you’re all having a wonderful week!


Royal Caribbean: Allure of the Seas Vacation

21 May

Hello there!

It was time for a vacation from reality (including blogging), but fortunately I’m back to share the fun I’ve had! I visited three (technically four) beautiful islands on board Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas cruise ship. The entire experience lasted for 7 days, and guests were taken to St. Maarten, St. Thomas & St. John Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas.


Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas.

Yet the destinations weren’t the sole highlights of my trip. Sailing on the Allure of the Seas was amazing. It had been a while since I had sailed on a cruise ship, and this was by far my favorite trip. The Allure of the Seas is huge, and to think that the Oasis and the new Harmony of the Seas are bigger, makes you wonder: Which one should I sail on in the first place? I would recommend taking any of these three, as they are all similar in design and structure.

Another great tip as soon as you come on board of the Allure: get familiar with your surroundings. That means grab a drink and start walking ALL over the ship, take pictures on your phone of maps and menus on board, and read all of the 7 day itineraries your state room attendant leaves you every day in your room. I’m telling you, if you follow these simple rules, you’ll get the most out of your vacation, and feel like you did almost everything there was to do on board.


Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas cruise map.

By day two, we landed in Nassau, Bahamas, and had from 8 AM – 2 PM to enjoy the island. To be honest, this was my least favorite destination. I’ve been to the Bahamas about 2 times before, and I already knew the only spot I wanted to be at: Paradise Island.

This time, my family and I wanted to try something different, and we tried to explore the areas outside of the Port. We were met with a fast paced small city life, and a bunch of people trying to sell us stuff. So what did we do to salvage the rest of our time? We headed to where we knew we’d enjoy it best, which was Paradise Island.


Behind Atlantis’ beach on Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Once you cross the bridge from Downtown Nassau to Paradise Island, you encounter the Atlantis Resort. The hotel tours have risen in price around $130 or so, which is far more expensive than when I took the hotel tour more than 6 years back. We decided to enjoy the beaches behind the Atlantis resort, and we were harassed by someone every 3 minutes trying to sell anything from Cuban cigars, to bottom shelf liquor made drinks.

Luckily, I chose the bottom shelf liquor made in a coconut drink. These were not cheap either. Yet in the money that was spent just on the beach alone (chair rentals, umbrellas, and bottom shelf liquor coconut drinks), it added up to the price of a Royal Caribbean excursion. I’d say, if you can save your money and do an excursion, or just not get off at Bahamas at all, and enjoy the ship. I would do exactly that.


On the Rising Tides Bar, overlooking The Royal Promenade, Deck 5 on Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas.

Next was a day out to sea, and since I loved being on the Allure, I didn’t mind our sea days one bit. My favorite areas were Deck 5, which was named the Royal Promenade, and included restaurants and shops; Deck 6, which was modeled after a board walk, where the Aqua Theater was located; and Deck 8 which was modeled after Central Park, New York.


Bow & Sterns Pub on Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas.

The Royal Promenade had an old town feeling to it, and reminded me of walking down Georgetown, Virginia. You had the Bow & Stern Pub, where you could get almost any beer you wanted to. If you look at the menu, you can see what cocktails they serve especially there, although it’s most popular for its beer selection.

I discovered Real Stripes Jamaican Lager Beer onboard the Allure, and I also tried El Fin Du Monde, which is a Canadian beer. Just watch out what you order, as the alcohol percentage isn’t known until they bring it out to you. I found out the hard way when I learned what El Fin Du Monde meant… “The End of the World”, with a 9% alcohol content.


Bow & Sterns Pub on Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas.

Another cool bar available on Deck 5, is the Rising Tides bar. A unique feature to this bar, is its complete modern design. The bar physically rises up, all the way to Deck 8, where Central Park is. I loved this one so much, but you’d have to catch it on time (displayed on both Deck 5 & 8), as there are set times the bar rises and lowers. If you’re early to a show, dinner, or just want to hang out, I’d suggest hanging out here and enjoying a lovely view!


The Rising Tides Bar on Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas.

Deck 6 reminded me of a Carnival theme. There was everything from Ben & Jerrys, to Mexican food, to an outdoor Aqua Theater to enjoy scheduled movies, or live shows. What’s gorgeous about the layout of this part of the ship, is that it is in the very back of it. It’s like a miscellaneous area, where you can rock climb, ride a carousel, or grab a drink. The boardwalk was very beautiful in its structure!


The Aqua Theater, Deck 6, on Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas.


The Boardwalk, Deck 6 of Royal Caribean International’s Allure of the Seas.

It was Deck 8 that I thought was so peaceful to be at. The Central Park theme provided for a calming atmosphere. There’s a bar located in the middle of Central Park, and a a nice sitting area for you to enjoy your drinks, and the view. Not to mention Park Café, which was my favorite dining selection on the ship. If you go there, try the Roast Beef sandwiches, and please don’t forget you heard about those little slices of heaven on here!


Central Park, Deck 8 of Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas.

After a bit of exploring on board the ship, we arrived at our second destination, St. Thomas. The next two destinations gave us a much longer time to explore our surroundings. My family had chosen to do the Half Day Champagne Cat Sail Beach and Snorkel Excursion, so we met at the pier with our group, and were taken on a 35-minute ride through the island on a bus to our next pier to board the catamaran.

I didn’t expect the bus ride to be so enlightening, but it was. I got to see how the people live, and came to the conclusion that the island is so diverse and beautiful. The houses looked like they were out of a modern Spanish colonial catalog, and were placed on mountainous terrain. The ride felt like a roller coaster, but once it was over, the fun had just begun!


On board a catamaran, in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Island.

The boat was waiting for excursion guests at a small harbor of other catamarans, and once we hopped on, the waters were a bit choppy. The skies were sunny, and the Adventurer crew were doing everything to make its guests feel welcomed! They served refreshments, provided an extensive history of St. Thomas, as well as the other Virgin Islands, and alerted us that we were in for a treat, as we visited an extra Virgin Island, St. John!

St. John is mostly a protected area, where Kenny Chesney also chose to own a secluded house at. The resorts on St. John don’t even have AC! It’s just a super natural place, almost completely untouched by man. Our excursion group were given the option to either Snorkel off of Honeymoon Beach in St. John, or visit the beach instead. I opted to take the small vessel provided by the crew, and enjoy the baby powder smooth sand, and crystal clear waters on the shores of St. John’s beach.


Snorkelers off of St. John’s Honeymoon Beach, U.S. Virgin Island.

It was absolutely beautiful, and was by far my favorite stop on the cruise. After an hour or so, we were called back to the catamaran, and once we got on board, the crew quickly began handing out complimentary snacks, cocktails, and beers. The waves were calmer now, and the music was relaxing. I had a spectacular time, and I highly recommend this excursion!

Back on board, there was still a lot to do. I had the opportunity to check out the Broadway Musical, Mamma Mia on the Allure, as well as watch the Vegas headlining stars of Mo5aic perform their Acapella routines. The group ended up joining us on board after reaching St. Thomas at the same time we were stationed there. I’m not sure how much a headlining show is in Vegas, but being able to see both a Vegas and Broadway Musical on the Allure truly blew my mind.


Broadway Musical Mamma Mia! on Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas.

The late night Comedy Club was always booked in advance, but many people didn’t show up to their reservations at the end of the night, and I managed to get in. If you’re hesitant about showing up to an already booked performance, I suggest you try to show up 30 minutes before it starts. There is always someone bound to have enjoyed their day a little too much, and call it a night early. The entertainment provided by Royal Caribbean is top quality in my book!


The Comedy Club on Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas.

We reached our final trip stop at Philipsburg, St. Maarten, which is part of the Netherlands. I didn’t get the chance to visit the French part, known as St. Martin, due to being told about the high volume of traffic the island usually has. Fortunately, my family had an excursion planned in Philipsburg, known as the Schooner Sailaway and Airport Sightseeing Excursion.


On board a schooner, at Philipsburg, St. Maarten.

We hopped on board a schooner, and were slowly taken to the airport area, which is known to be one of the most dangerous airports due to it being so close to the shores of St. Maarten. You could literally hang out at the beach, and see a plane fly right above you. That was probably my favorite part of the excursion.

The skies were overcast, and we were taken a few miles off of a beach opposite of the airport beach, to jump off the boat and have a simple swim. I was already spoiled by the catamaran’s hospitality in St. Thomas, so I had to remind myself that I was not in the U.S. islands, but in a Dutch island. The crew was extremely generous, and told us the history behind their schooner, and their relations with the island of St. Maarten.


Philipsburg, St. Maarten.

It was a nice experience, but when it was over, my family and I decided to hit the local tourist beach spot, and were so happy to have done that! While there were a few people asking us to buy items from them, it was nowhere near like the Bahamas. Everyone was respectful of your wishes, and I found it refreshing to find such diversity among the locals as well. St. Maarten was beautiful, and I’m happy to have witnessed it for myself!

On the 6th day, the cruise was already winding down. My family and I enjoyed a parade of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda characters at the Royal Promenade, while we sipped on beers at the Bow & Stern. It was at this time that I realized what an awesome vacation I had, and how much of a fan of Royal Caribbean I had just became.


Kung Fu Panda’s Po in the parade on Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas.

This might have been my first time on the Allure of the Seas, but it won’t be my last exploration trip aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Thank you for reading, and enjoy your week!


Back of Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas cruise ship.

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