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Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette Makeup Tutorial

16 Sep
Hey guys!
You might be asking yourselves, why is she making a video about a sold out palette? Turns out, about two months ago, ULTA exclusively brought back to life this limited edition palette from the fall of 2015, for around two weeks or so. The Self-Made palette is no longer on the market, so I made sure to grab a chance at purchasing this one.
I decided not to get the new Modern Renaissance Palette, because I already have so many shades similar to that one. So here’s a look I created using just the Self-Made Palette shadows!
I hope you enjoy this makeup tutorial, and if you subscribe to my channel, you’ll see many more looks coming up in the future!


My Everyday Makeup Routine

9 Sep
Hey everyone!
Although I love filming fun and colorful makeup routines that take much time and effort, I also don’t do these looks every day of the week. I have certain products I gravitate to on a daily basis. Whether I am going out during the day time, or want to have a fresh face without neglecting my concealer at least, I have a signature look I like to recreate.
Here’s a tutorial on how I achieve my everyday look, along with information on the products I use. Many of these items are affordable, and easy to find in stores. I’ve also talked about a few in my Holy Grail Product blog post. So make sure you check the description box in the video, and don’t forget to subscribe!
Thank you for watching!

The Highlighter Challenge

8 Jul

Hey guys!

If you haven’t heard of Mariya on YouTube, she decided to create a video using only highlighters to create a makeup look. While this started off as just an idea, other YouTubers such as Jeffree Star and Nikki Tutorials decided to make it into a challenge, where other YouTubers can show off their own choices in highlighter products and create their own videos! I happened to like this idea, so today I’m bringing you my own version, as well as my first talk through.

I usually do voice overs, but for this one, I figured I’d let my personality shine through more for my viewers, as well as have a lot of fun just messing around with highlighter products. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet, make sure to do so.

I hope you enjoy my Highlighter Challenge video, and have a few laughs with me as well!

Spring Makeup Tutorial

29 Apr

Hey there!

Today’s post is a long awaited Spring Makeup Tutorial I had meant to film for your guys A LONG time ago. Please bare with me, as I try to maneuver some life changes coming my way.

This tutorial involves a nice lilac mauve lip, some pink blush, periwinkle, and even green colors. I just love Spring, because it allows me to get creative with bright colors. Watch the tutorial below for some tips, as well as some funny moment’s I happened to sneak in there lol.

All products will be listed on the video’s description box. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

Thank you for reading and watching!

ULTA Haul: Winter Edition + Review

5 Feb

Happy February guys!

I’ve been loving these items I bought at ULTA not long ago. Since purchasing these, I’ve tried all of them, so you’ll get my honest review now. With all of the major holiday/post-holiday sales going on, I picked up a few of my old favorites, while testing out some new ones as well.


An oldie, but goodie, is my NYX Mineral “Set It & Don’t Fret It” Matte Finishing Powder. I keep trying to use other setting powders, but I keep running back to this one. This regularly goes for around $10 at my local drugstore and at ULTA, but I found this on sale for $6!

What’s awesome about this setting powder is that the tub holds a generous amount of product, while some other high end ones are tiny. I compared this powder to the Mineral Veil by Bare Minerals, and the NYX one does the SAME exact job, at a much affordable price. Definitely a dupe.


I tried three new products when it comes to skincare. It’s 2016, and it’s time to change up my routine. I’ve been loving the Nip + Fab Viper Venom Fix Set, and I didn’t break out not once.

It’s difficult for me to find anti-aging products that don’t break my face out, since I have such sensitive skin. I got to try the eye fix and the wrinkle fix, which are pricey by themselves, so if you can pick up this set online, it’s worth it.


I did pick up the SheaMoisture Olive & Green Tea Body Scrub, which feels so wonderful on the body! I like to exfoliate once a week before I apply any of my regular cleansing products, and I do scrub this on beforehand. This scrub will help with shaving, and keeping rough surfaces on the body smooth. I would repurchase this, and I am glad I gave this product a shot.

The best makeup removing wipes has got to be from Neutrogena, and so I stocked up on these when I saw a Buy 1, Get 1 Free deal at ULTA that day. These wipes remove makeup the best for me, and while I do have to use an oil to remove excess eye products, I always go over them with a wipe as well.


I also stocked up on a new product I’ve been trying, and that is the Soap & Glory Hand Food Lotion in two travel sizes, as it was Buy 1, Get the other 50% off. Luckily, I love this hand lotion, and I feel it truly moisturizes, without leaving a greasy film over the hands. I would even use this for the foot!

Finally, I invested in a new dry shampoo, and a hair mask that I tried in an Ipsy bag last year, and since then I’ve been obsessed with. The Hair Therapy Mask by Eva NYC can be pricey, as it is regularly $16, but I managed to snag this one for $11 on sale. The tub is huge, and holds so much product. This tub will last you the longest time, and just by using it once a week, your hair will maintain its health and softness.


The Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo pleasantly smells delicious. I literally spray this all over my hair even when I don’t need to, just because of the smell. It’s an affordable dry shampoo any time of the year, and it does its job by maintaining the oils in the scalp at bay. I would recommend this product if you’re looking for a nice dry shampoo.

Have you guys done an #UltaHaul this year yet? What items are your favorite to purchase from there?

Let me know, and I hope you enjoyed the goodies I got from this haul!

Products Mentioned

Nyx Cosmetics Mineral “Set It & Don’t Fret It” Matte Finishing Powder in Light/Medium

Nip + Fab Viper Venom Fix Set

SheaMoisture Olive & Green Tea Body Scrub

Soap & Glory Hand Food Travel Size

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo

November Monthly Favorites

30 Nov

Hey there!

Bye bye fall, hello winter! Here are my November favorites, that I feel have been appropriate for the season. I might even do a winter essentials post, since we’re hitting the December mark. With the holiday season here, there have been products I’ve been dying to get my hands on. Stay tuned to see which ones I will be sharing with you in the upcoming month of December!


Any ways, you guys know I love green tea as my afternoon snack. Yet this month, I get new brand of green tea that was so delicious, I began using it religiously. I switched on over to the TAZO Organic Pan-Fired Green Tea, which can be bought at any local grocery store. The taste is unlike any other green tea I have tried. The box describes the formula as being creamy, and it truly is! There’s an oaky flavor to it, since it’s been fired. This was news to me, who would have thought you can make your herbs “toasty”. Definitely a favorite for fall!

I am loving these two eye shadow quad samples I received during an ULTA promotion. You can see swatches, and read full reviews of the other products I received in that haul, here. I have tried ULTA brand eye shadows in the past, and to be honest, I hated them. I guess ULTA released a new formulation since then, and when I tell you these shadows are pigmented, THEY ARE.


With the exception to their matte shades (needs major improvement), if you pick up any metallic-looking shades, I know you won’t be disappointed. These colors are rich in texture, and luscious. I just love them, and as you can see, these colors are perfect for fall and winter!

So I’m late when it comes to the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat party. I knew the few times I’ve visited a nail salon, they would always use this top coat. I figured it was the UV ray lights that dried the polish fast, but this top coat helps immensely when it comes to that. I’m not a fan of the price, but I am a fan of the results.


I’ve been using this bottle every week since I purchased this on sale for $6 from ULTA, and I will be using this from now on as my only top coat. Your nails dry so much faster, and last longer. This is a must in your nail polish collection, if you don’t have time to sit around not touching anything for an hour or so. With this top coat, you only have to wait 5 minutes.

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect nude shaded nail polish, and when I found Dulce de Leche by OPI at my local Sally Hansen store, I almost couldn’t believe what a perfect color this was for my complexion. This nude has warm undertones in it, and it compliments everything you wear, and any season. Just because it’s about to be winter, doesn’t mean you have to store your favorite nude nail polishes away. If anything, flaunt them whenever you want I say!


I’ve been using the Eucerin Intensive Repair Crème for the longest time now, and every time I’m empty, I buy a new one. I figured I should add it to my November favorites, because I never talk about this stuff. This lotion is so underrated. I’ve tried many hand lotions throughout the years, as I get dry, peeling skin on my hands.

Yet this has been the most effective, and soothing lotion I have yet to try. I never go anywhere without it. I have a bottle on my nightstand, and one in my purse. The bottle is travel sized, and a little goes a long way when applying. Just a wonderful lotion, that will heal your skin, unlike other lotions that just make them smell good.


An awesome lipstain that I recently discovered is actually from the Sephora Collection. I am late to the party on this one too, because their Cream Lipstains are so affordable, and long lasting. They smell like cake, and apply like smooth powder. While they do last all day, you’ll definitely have to reapply after eating.


I’m wearing Marvelous Mauve so much these days, because the color is rich and has a beautiful plum tint to it. It’s a unique color to my liquid lipstick collection, and I highly recommend looking into their lipstains if you haven’t before.

Finally, I received a sample from Sephora of the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer, and I have been loving it. While I don’t think this is the best concealer on the planet, the formula is easy to work with. I usually apply an under eye color correcting concealer from NYX first, and then with a small duo fibre flat top brush from BH Cosmetics, I pat the Maracuja concealer on top of it.


I then, extremely lightly, pat the formulas with a Real Technique’s sponge, and then use setting powder after wards. You have to be so careful, because applying under eye concealer can be tricky. Luckily, I have since changed my methods thanks to Nicole Guerriero. You can see how to apply concealer without ruining it, in her tutorial video.

Well that’s it for my November favorites! I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you’d like to see a winter essential post in the coming month or two. Enjoy your week!

Products Listed

TAZO Organic Pan-Fired Green Tea

ULTA Eye Shadow

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

OPI Classic Nail Lacquer in Dulce de Leche

Sephora Cream Lipstain in Marvelous Mauve

Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Hand Creme

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

Get the Look: Too Faced Cosmetics Rock N Roll Palette

13 Nov

Hey everyone!

Today I’ll be using the Too Faced Rock N Roll Palette to create a look. This palette retails for around $36 on the Too Faced Cosmetics website. I will, in certain parts, use the techniques of wetting my brush and using my finger, in order to achieve a more pigmented look.



I will be working with some metallics today, and this look can be worn out to any events during this season. What I love about this palette, is the names of each eye shadow are clearly written on the pans. This will help explain how I achieve this look a little bit better.

Step 1

First, take your favorite eye primer or concealer in order to set the eye shadows in place. I like to use setting powder after I’ve place my primer on my lids, so that the shadows can be applied easier when it’s time to use them. Once you’ve applied your primer and setting powder, you’re ready to apply your transition shades!

Step 2

I’m going to take New Romantic, and work it into my crease, and then bring it up just before my brow bone. Remember to leave space in between the transition shade and the brows, so that you can apply a beautiful brightening highlighting shade to the brow bones afterwards. So after you’ve done one application of New Romantic, go into the shade Ska, and use it only in the crease. This will just intensify that area.

Step 3

Then dip a brush into the pan of Glam Rock, and then place it on your eye lids. The color shouldn’t appear bold and metallic right away. This is always the fun part for me. You can always go back and apply more of this shade, because when you blend some of the colors together, the pigments get lost. Remember to come back and touch up to achieve intensity!

Step 4

Spray your brush and then dip it into Heavy Metal. This will create a dark, deep navy shade. Apply this to the corners of your eye lid for a smoked out effect. Patting it in works best with this technique in order not to smear everything around.

Build up the pigment until you reach your desired look. Then wet a brush again and dip it into the shade Punk. You’ll be applying this to the under eye line of your eye. Make sure to go back and with your finger, reapply Glam Rock on the lids. No blending necessary, unless you’d like to.

Step 5

I would then top off the look by wetting a brush and dipping it into the shade Rockabilly, and then pat it on your brow bone to add a highlighted effect. Be sure to pat the product where you start to see the smoked out effect start under your brow as well.

Step 6

I wanted to place the gold shade, Rap, on the inner corners of my eyes to add a little twist. You can do this by simply dipping your finger, or a small brush into the pan. Wetting is required in order to achieve intense pigmentation of this shade.


Make sure to go back, and clean up any areas with your transition shades or add touch ups. I’ve added the products I used to complete the look down below. I hope you like this look I created using the Too Faced Rock N Roll Palette! Have you created any looks using this product? Let me know, I love new ideas! Thanks for reading!


Products Used

Too Face Rock n Roll Palette

Complete the Look

Klean Color Airy Minerals Matte Finishing Powder

L.A. Color Lipliner Pencil in Natural

ULTA Brow Tint in Light

ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Trap

Urban Decay Cosmetics 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Demolition

Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara in Black

Katherine Cosmetics Everyday Eyeliner in Cessna Brown

NARS Oasis Blush

Free 15 piece ULTA Beauty Bag Review

1 Nov

Hey everyone!

I got this free beauty bag along with a purchase of a select ULTA Collection item, some time ago at ULTA. There were 15 pieces to this bag, and I wanted to take my time to properly test them out and make a good review for you guys. Some days I don’t wear makeup, so the on the days that I do, I have been reaching for this bag.

Note: Since these were sample sizes, I couldn’t find those to link below. Some were not available to link. Yet for the ones that were linked, I found the full sizes for you guys if you’re interested. So let’s get right to it!


The eyeliner dual is super creamy. I loved how smudgeable this is, to create smokey looks. It came in the color black and dark brown, and I reach for this one often. I wouldn’t say it’s an “out of this world” eyeliner, but it will do.

I couldn’t find this item separate from the bag on the website, and I’m not sure if it was just exclusive to this packaging. I’m happy I have it though, as dual ended products are life!

As far as the lip products, I’m in total love with the lip gloss in sheer opal that they’ve put in my bag. The formula is creamy and thick, without being too heavy. It doesn’t last very long, but it is the perfect size to carry in my purse and use whenever I want a little sheer glow on my lips. I like to add it to the middle of a nude lipstick to give it a 3D effect as well.


The Matte lipstick in Basically Berry is not really my ideal of matte lipstick. I expected it to last for long hours. This wasn’t the case. I had to apply it a few times on my lips for it to show up evenly, as this lipstick does apply somewhat patchy.

I also don’t like how it looks while it’s wearing off. You’ll have to bring a touch up mirror wherever you go, and be ready to reapply often. I use it sparingly, and will probably use it more during the holidays. Would I go out and repurchase this one? No.


The most disappointing piece of this beauty bag had to be the Blush/Highlighter Duo is Sunkissed. They were super powdery, and when I swatched them, they did look promising.

The blush appeared to be more of a bronzer, and that one didn’t even show up on the skin when I applied it. ULTA, please develop a better highlight and blush duo. I would be happy if they released just a decent highlighter.


What I did love was how pigmented and gorgeous two of their eyeshadow quads were. I highly recommend when at ULTA that you pick up their eyeshadows in Iceland, Moonbeam, Peacock and Sapphire. The colors on these are so extremely gorgeous. I am in love with Moonbeam, as it’s a nice periwinkle color.


The other palette I’m obsessed with was the quad containing Champagne, Aztec Gold, Verdigris and Molten. The hues are earthy, yet have a satin, silky finish to them. As you can see these are highly pigmented. I just love them. These two are by far the best eyeshadow quads I’ve tried from ULTA.


The one that I could do without was their quad containing Innocence, Havana Nights, Buttercream and Blackout which are supposed to be your basic mattes. They were all very pretty, but didn’t swatch good. They look better on the lids surprisingly with primer! Here’s a look I created using all three quads!


It was the Glitter Top Coat shadows in Maintenance/Gold Digger that were absolutely gorgeous. Just add them to any black or gold color to enhance the pigmentation of a color. I will be using the glitter black for new years for sure. I used Gold Digger in the look I created, as well as the Brow Tint in Light.


Now, I’m not a blonde naturally, but even when I rock the brunette color, I love me some light taupe on the eyebrows. Some people are afraid to wear it on top of their natural dark brows, but this gives the eyebrows a “smokey grey” type of feel.

This can really enhance them if you ever want to play with blonde hair, or just want a natural look with feathered brows. Ladies, I suggest you do try at least once in your lifetime a light brow tint. That look you’ve been looking to recreate, is a very simple step some have been overlooking.


ULTA’s Lengthening Mascara is just okay, and is also used in the look shown above. Ever since I tried the Neutrogena Healthy Mascara, I swear by it. The one from ULTA however, has a flimsy wand, making it difficult to add precision.

This is going to be my back up mascara, and my mascara for the lower lash line. I will give it credit, it works amazing on that part of the eyes best.

The brush set was great. Although the blush brush is a bit too soft for me, I like to use it to dust off or dust on any setting powders under the eyes. The sponge tip applicator brush was surprisingly beneficial, as adding top coat glitter to my eyeshadows has become much easier with this brush.


If I wanted to create a crease or add a dab of highlighter to the inner corners of my eyes, the eye shadow brush works wonders for me. All in all, I use all of these brushes often and I’m happy with them.

Finally the nail polish in Bittersweet was definitely an indication that ULTA was just as ready for fall as I was. I love how deep the color is, a dark red that appears somewhat black. I am a huge fan of dark nail colors.

This one lasted just as any other nail polish would, chipped within a week. It’s a great color though, and I’m glad they selected this one to add to the bag.


Whew, that was a long post! Thanks for sticking with me, and learning about some of the products available at ULTA. I wasn’t really a fan of ULTA Collection makeup products until I received this little goodie bag, and now I know what kinds of gems they do have.

Not all of the eyeshadows are great, but their shimmer ones are awesome. I probably won’t be investing in a highlighter or blush there, and I won’t be getting a matte lipstick from there either.

I’m glad I figured out my favorites, and if you have any ULTA Collection favorites that work great for you, let me know. Thanks so much for reading!

Products listed

Matte Lipstick in Basically Berry

Blush/Highlighter Duo in Sunkissed

Salon Formula Nail Lacquer in Bittersweet

Legendary Lengths Lengthening Mascara

Glitter Eye Shadow Top Coat in Maintenance/Gold Digger

Eye Shadow Quad in Iceland, Moonbeam, Peacock and Sapphire

Eye Shadow Quad in Innocence, Havana Nights, Buttercream and Blackout

Eye Shadow Quad in Champagne, Aztec Gold, Verdigris and Molten

Mineral Lip Gloss in Sheer Opal

Dual Ended Eye Liner in Black and Deep Brown

Brow Tint in Light

3 pc travel brush set

September Monthly Favorites

28 Sep

Hey there!

Fall is upon us my friends, and this month’s favorites is a good one! I just have to say, turning another year older this month has left me with a bittersweet feeling. We often don’t realize how much time has passed us by, and yet how much improvement we’ve grown into.

This sounds corny, but my birthdays are less about me, and more about the people I am surrounded with as the years progress. Besides this little sappy intro, I did have a great birthday, and I also got to indulge in some new products as well!


I decided to venture out of my comfort zone of drugstore hair products, and I ended up buying a new shampoo and conditioner to try out. ULTA had an awesome sale going on, and I couldn’t help myself. I am now obsessed with Wella’s Brilliance line. They make shampoos and conditioners that cater to all different types of hair, and I’m glad I found them for my type!

Before this impulse buy, I had never tried any Wella hair products. My grandmother actually used all Wella hair care products when she owned a hair salon in Miami. How’s that for a little hair care history? The shampoo and conditioner smell like soft perfume-like candy.

It’s a hard scent to describe, but trust me it’s sweet without masking the refreshing hint it gives your hair after you get out of the shower. My hair feels so much softer, and it feels like it’s being taken care of. I will be repurchasing this shampoo and conditioner in the future for sure.


While at ULTA, I invested in their brand cleansing system. Yes, I do own one already that rotates too, yet I discovered the manufacture does NOT make replacement brush heads for their cleansing system. I was so bummed, but at least it came as a 5 piece set, and I can use that brush for other purposes. ULTA’s cleansing system is great in that there are replacement heads that you can buy for $8.

The only downside to this cleansing system is that unlike my Gyro one, this is not waterproof. I’ll continue to use my Gyro cleansing system with the other pieces, for when I’d like to exfoliate my body. The ULTA one will remain my day/night cleansing system outside of the shower. I must have overdone myself, but I like the fact that now I have one for the shower, and one for outside.


True to form, I would try one of Essie’s 2015 Summer Collection nail polishes on the month where fall starts. Yet I feel this nail color could be pulled off all year long, and that is why it is in this month’s favorites. I got Essie’s Pret-a-surfer because it looks like a washed out royal blue. It’s absolutely gorgeous on the nails, and the color is perfect for those who want to be bold without the shockability.

I did read some mixed reviews on some of the other colors, but I have yet to read a bad one about this shade in particular.  The next one I want to purchase from the summer line that could be worn in the fall is Private Weekend. Until then I’ll just say this: Pret-a-surfer, your name might be weird, but your color is on point!


I can never have too many makeup brushes, and I found such an awesome deal by BH Cosmetics for their 10 piece brush set, that I had to buy it! BH Cosmetics does make high quality products, and it’s a bit disappointing that they’re not spoken about in the media too much.

I got my brushes along with the Forever Glam Palette and one of their long lasting matte lipsticks in Faithful. The lipstick will be included in a special post along with swatches, and the palette will be up for review later this fall, so stay tuned for those!

This brush set’s purpose is to apply liquids, powders, highlight, and contour. They are of dual fiber material, which was nice as my Jessup brushes are not. I love that it came with four face brushes, and four small versions of those brushes.

I wondered what I’d use the smaller ones for, but I wasn’t about to let those babies go to waste. They are now my favorite! For the smaller versions, I like to conceal, blend out my eyeshadows (so amazing for that), and apply my eye primer.


The bigger brushes I use for foundation, blush, under eye concealer/brightener, sculpting the cheek bones, and applying all over bronzer. If I had to choose only one set of makeup brushes to use forever, these would be it. This set is extremely versatile, way more affordable than Sigma Brushes, and a must have in my book.

I was at Walgreens when I purchased the Better Skin concealer by Maybelline. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the concealer, than I have with the Better Skin foundation. I decided to give it a try, and it’s now my new favorite drugstore concealer for under the eyes.


I still use the Fit me concealer for highlighting, but I love the Better Skin one for under my eyes, as it provides a buildable coverage. It does take two coats to build up to full coverage, but it works wonders. Pick it up, if you’re in search of an affordable concealer!

I loved my favorites this month, and I plan on routinely using all of these products. Product prices might vary, as I purchased most of these during sales. Thanks so much for reading, and until next month, have a great one!

Products Listed

Wella Brilliance Shampoo For Coarse Hair

Wella Brilliance Conditioner For Coarse Hair

ULTA Dual Action Cleansing System

BH Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend 10 Piece Brush Set

Essie Nail Polish 2015 Summer Collection in Pret-a-surfer

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Concealer in Light/Medium

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