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Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette Makeup Tutorial

16 Sep
Hey guys!
You might be asking yourselves, why is she making a video about a sold out palette? Turns out, about two months ago, ULTA exclusively brought back to life this limited edition palette from the fall of 2015, for around two weeks or so. The Self-Made palette is no longer on the market, so I made sure to grab a chance at purchasing this one.
I decided not to get the new Modern Renaissance Palette, because I already have so many shades similar to that one. So here’s a look I created using just the Self-Made Palette shadows!
I hope you enjoy this makeup tutorial, and if you subscribe to my channel, you’ll see many more looks coming up in the future!


My Everyday Makeup Routine

9 Sep
Hey everyone!
Although I love filming fun and colorful makeup routines that take much time and effort, I also don’t do these looks every day of the week. I have certain products I gravitate to on a daily basis. Whether I am going out during the day time, or want to have a fresh face without neglecting my concealer at least, I have a signature look I like to recreate.
Here’s a tutorial on how I achieve my everyday look, along with information on the products I use. Many of these items are affordable, and easy to find in stores. I’ve also talked about a few in my Holy Grail Product blog post. So make sure you check the description box in the video, and don’t forget to subscribe!
Thank you for watching!

2 Easy Hairstyles for the Summer

15 Jul

Hey there!

Who else has been feeling the scorching hot heat temperatures? I happen to wear a lot less makeup, and usually have my hair up. Today’s post is based on two easy summer hairstyles you can create during the summer, and if you live in the tropics like me, I think you’re going to find these useful to your advantage!

This video is my second collaboration with beauty vlogger, Kahlani Leon. Her channel, Kahlani Leon Beauty, is based on beauty and fashion, and she has these wonderful monthly collaboration videos that are open to anyone to participate in, so if you’re a fellow YouTuber, be sure to check those out!

My next hair tutorial will be coming up, and it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss. Subscribe to my channel, and thanks so much for watching today!

The Highlighter Challenge

8 Jul

Hey guys!

If you haven’t heard of Mariya on YouTube, she decided to create a video using only highlighters to create a makeup look. While this started off as just an idea, other YouTubers such as Jeffree Star and Nikki Tutorials decided to make it into a challenge, where other YouTubers can show off their own choices in highlighter products and create their own videos! I happened to like this idea, so today I’m bringing you my own version, as well as my first talk through.

I usually do voice overs, but for this one, I figured I’d let my personality shine through more for my viewers, as well as have a lot of fun just messing around with highlighter products. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet, make sure to do so.

I hope you enjoy my Highlighter Challenge video, and have a few laughs with me as well!

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette + Gwen Stefani Lipstick Review/Demo

1 Jul

Hey makeup lovers!

I got to test out the Urban Decay Spectrum Eyeshadow palette, as well as the Gwen Stefani Lipstick in Bright Red! Granted, these were both on sale at a fair price, so I suggest you guys check out the description box on my channel of this video for more details to see if the sale is still on!


I demonstrated how the pigmentation, durability, and application of these products were in the video, and also have been testing out these products prior to filming, to get a sense of my final opinion. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial/review, and don’t forget to subscribe!

Thanks so much for watching!

Top Products to Achieve a Summer Glow

30 May

Hey guys!

Summer is nearly upon us (it’s always summer here in Florida though), and I’m ready to get that summer glow I love to achieve every year. Whether it’s through sun-less efforts or safely catching some rays, I have some tips and products I’ll be sharing with you all today on how I like to get “sun-kissed.”

The following video is in collaboration with one of my new favorite beauty vloggers, Kahlani Leon. Her channel, Kahlani Leon Beauty is all about empowerment in the beauty community. Every month, she posts fun Community Collab tags with different topics. I think this is a wonderful way to network, and bring other vloggers up within the YouTube community.

Hope you find this video helpful and thanks for watching!

CoverGirl Queen Collection Voxbox Review + Demo

6 May

Hey everyone!

Today I have a full review on the CoverGirl Queen Collection Voxbox I received from Influenster, FREE of charge, for my honest opinion! If you’d like to learn more about Influenster, check out my post with a detailed explanation.

I was sent the CoverGirl Queen Collection False Lash Drama Mascara, Stay Luscious Lipstick, and the Natural Hue Liquid Foundation. I do have a demo at the end of this post, to demonstrate how all three of these products go on. Make sure you’re subscribed to my channel for more demo product videos!


This is THE BEST Voxbox I’ve gotten yet. You know me, I love my makeup, and CoverGirl won with their Queen Collection. The foundation shade in Almond Glow, was a tad too dark for me (at the moment), but I will be tanning on a cruise next week, and I can always mix with my winter foundations, or like I did in this video, contour with it!

A huge misconception is that you have to throw a foundation away if it’s too light or too dark. You CAN save those extra bucks you spent, and use a foundation that’s too light to highlight, or a foundation that’s too dark to contour or mix up when you get a little sun in. Either way, you can’t lose in my opinion.


The False Lash Drama mascara came with the best wand I own now. I’ve always wanted one of those mascara’s that had the fine bristle wands, and if you’d like a great formula with the same tool, I suggest you pick this mascara up. I do know it comes in water proof as well, which would make it perfect for a wedding day. I loved that I was able to get into the little hairs at the bottom lash, all while pumping up my top lashes. Such a winner in the Queen Collection!

Finally, I got to try the Stay Luscious Lipstick in Crown Ruby, and this shade is even more gorgeous in person. Does it last all day like it claims? I think you’d have to watch the demo to find out. For a drugstore lipstick, you can get away with wearing this one out at night. It’s a blue undertoned red, which goes with almost any skin tone, and personally my favorite type of red. I try to stay away from orange undertones, I’m not a big fan of that type of red. I was glad I got to put this lipstick to the test for myself!


I hope you guys have enjoyed this Voxbox post, and a HUGE thank you to Influenster for sending me these awesome CoverGirl products. If you’d like to sign up and start reviewing for your change to quality for Voxboxes like these, I’ll have the link below!

Thanks so much for reading and hope you enjoy your day!

Products Mentioned

CoverGirl Voxbox by Influenster

CoverGirl Queen Collection False Lash Drama Mascara

CoverGirl Queen Collection Stay Luscious Lipstick in Crown Ruby

CoverGirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Liquid Makeup in Almond Glow

Spring Makeup Tutorial

29 Apr

Hey there!

Today’s post is a long awaited Spring Makeup Tutorial I had meant to film for your guys A LONG time ago. Please bare with me, as I try to maneuver some life changes coming my way.

This tutorial involves a nice lilac mauve lip, some pink blush, periwinkle, and even green colors. I just love Spring, because it allows me to get creative with bright colors. Watch the tutorial below for some tips, as well as some funny moment’s I happened to sneak in there lol.

All products will be listed on the video’s description box. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

Thank you for reading and watching!

Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles Tutorial

21 Mar

Hey guys!

Do you suffer from dark under eye circles? Do you look like you’re ready to be an extra in Michael Jackson’s thriller music video? I kid, but yes if you need much help with them like I do, make sure to catch my video on how I like to conceal them step by step.

Also if you’re not subscribed to my channel yet, be sure that you do now so you catch more how to’s in the future.

Have a great day, and thumbs up if you found this video helpful!

Products Mentioned

NYX Cosmetics Dark Circle Concealer in Medium

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer in Light Beige

NYX Cosmetics “Set it Don’t Fret It” Setting Powder in Light/Medium

Brushes Used

Jessup Tapered Highlighter and Concealer Brushes (From Set)

BH Cosmetics #118 Small Tapered Contouring Face Brush (From Set)

(NEW SHADES) Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme Review

19 Feb

Hey guys!

When I heard that Milani released a whole new batch of 10 permanent shades added to their Amore Matte Lip Crème set, I had to jump on and purchase these babies. These can be found at your local Walmart.


Last year, Milani released their first set of 10 shades to launch their Amore Matte Lip Crème line, but those were limited edition and are no longer available for purchase.

If you’d like to see my full review, demo, and swatches on 5 of the newest shades, please watch my video below.

Make sure to subscribe and give it a thumbs up if you’d like to see more review videos featured on my channel.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Products Listed

Milani Amore Matte Lip Crèmes

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